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Diversity Monthly Highlight: January 11
Mark Rowe, RNP, MNSc

We may not know what a "Vascular Access Device" is but if we needed one, we'd be very happy to see Nurse Mark Rowe coming our way. Mark answers the call for these VADs all over UAMS hospital. The purpose of the ports VADs are to allow frequent access to a person's veins without having to stick them with intravenous (IV) needles, and so are very important to patients who need them!

An Arkansas Air Force native who calls Arkansas home, Mark started working at UAMS while still in the nursing school over 30 years ago. He must keep young by running all over the hospital because he certainly doesn't look old enough to have worked here that long! Or maybe it is that he loves his job so much. Rowe states, "I'm doing all of what I like - patient care, patient and student education and product evaluation."

For fun, Mark and his partner of 11 years love to cook and eat, which he partly attributes to his large Italian family way of life. Despite their two sweet beagle rescue dogs at home, they love travel adventures.
 A quick weekend drive into the Ozarks, an exotic vacation in Rome or a trip to Boston - they love it all! "I get a sense of the place, wherever I am, by first looking at the foods and stores there." Since his father was in the Air Force, his family always traveled a great deal so he began to love it at an early age.
Despite his busy schedule, Mark still finds time to serve on the UAMS House of Delegates. In walking through the campus, it is obvious that he is well-known and well-liked, as the majority of people encountered greet him happily. Mark contributes to the positive view of diversity on campus just by being himself. Knowing Mark as a caring professional who is a vital part of the smooth operations of the UAMS Hospital, many individuals have learned the importance of our gay employees and discovered the many things they hold in common. Nurse Mark Rowe has seen many changes over the years at UAMS. His favorite, "The stereotype negative view of this hospital has reversed, instead of being the last resort, it has become the first referral." Thanks in large part, to employees like Mark Rowe!