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Diversity Monthly Highlight February 2010:
Heloisa Sa Moreira

Each month, the UAMS Chancellor's Diversity Committee will feature a member of our campus community and their contributions to our diverse culture.











Heloisa Sa Moreira

Heloisa Sa Moreira is assistant to Dr. Lang, Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Jensen, Associate Chief Medical Officer for Quality and Safety in Hospital Administration.

She is Brazilian, therefore her native language is Portuguese. She started learning English at an early age because her parents emphasized foreign languages. Later on she lived in France with her brother and learned French. Then she married a man from Spain and learned Spanish. So she fluently speaks three languages!

Heloisa received certification as a medical interpreter 2 years ago in order to be able to volunteer as an interpreter for patients and their families.

Heloisa sees her role and interests as supporting inclusion and diversity at UAMS. In offering interpreter services, she helps raise the quality of patient care. "It is very enriching to be involved with different cultures and gain understanding of their roots and needs," she said.

We are valuing diversity on campus by participating in programs like our Interpreter Service. Heloisa observed that people from all over the world come to UAMS - some to work, some to be treated and some to study. Bridging the gap of language is one of the ways to make someone feel more "at home."
Personally, she feels that it is very rewarding to be able to assist patients, families, students and co-workers. It makes her job fuller and more meaningful.



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