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Diversity Monthly Highlight March 10:
Dr. Lee Lee Doyle

Each month, the UAMS Chancellor's Diversity Committee will feature a member of our campus community and their contributions to our diverse culture. March is Women's History Month so we have interviewed a special UAMS woman!

Dr. Lee Lee Doyle, PhD, recently retired from UAMS, was faculty in the College of Medicine Ob-Gyn Department where she did research. There she established and managed TOPPS, the teen maternity clinic, and on several occasions was the Clerkship Director. She became the UAMS Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education (CME) at the request of then Dean Dodd Wilson, who agreed to expand the office to CME and Faculty Development and later to Faculty Affairs.

Valuing diversity and women's contributions on campus has always been important to Lee Lee. She said, "Actually, when I came to UAMS, I represented diversity. In 1972 when I joined the faculty, practically everyone else was from Arkansas and I felt like an outsider. As a result when we began to enlarge our faculty and gain a bit of diversity, I thought it made us a stronger institution."

Dr. Doyle worked to help recruit, mentor and keep good employees - especially women faculty and staff - at UAMS. Even though she retired a few years ago, she still plays a role at UAMS and in Little Rock by encouraging activities that support diversity and inclusiveness in any way she can.

Her dedication to this effort came from an early age. "My grandmother insisted that if you were lucky enough to have a loving family, enough money to live on, and a modicum of intelligence, you owed it to give back and do for your community - so I started early. She also taught me that every person was an individual deserving of respect. My parents reinforced these teachings and served as an example," she said. As a result, Lee Lee has become a Community Agency stronghold - serving on many local area Boards and Committees. She seems even busier now than when she worked full-time!

Dr. Doyle can remember when she knew every woman faculty member and most of the female medical students - as they were few enough in number. She said, "Now we have numerical parity, but there are still disparities that those of us who have risen through the ranks must fight against. So we continue to support equality for employees who are not part of the majority or might not have a voice in the administration."

She finds that it is very rewarding to be able to mentor and support others and she gains self-respect -and honors her family's values - in doing so.



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