Guidelines for Requests for Funding

From the Tobacco Settlement at UAMS


Initiated Act #1, The Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act was approved by the People of Arkansas in November, 2000.  Among other things, this Act established the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, a cooperative venture among The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and Arkansas State University to conduct research.  Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute also participates under UAMS, but administers their funding independently.  In a memo to department chairs and deans several years ago, Chancellor Wilson indicated that roughly half of the funding should be spent on research related to cancer and the remainder in other areas appropriate for money funded from the tobacco settlement.  These areas were described in Act 1:


(1)        To conduct agricultural research with medical implications.

(2)        To conduct bioengineering research focused on the expansion of genetic knowledge and new potential applications in the agricultural-medical fields.

(3)        To conduct tobacco-related research that focuses on the identification and applications of behavioral, diagnostic and therapeutic research addressing the high level of tobacco-related illnesses in the State of Arkansas.

(4)        To conduct nutritional and other research focusing on prevention or treatment of cancer, congenital or hereditary conditions or other related conditions.

(5)        To conduct other research identified by the primary educational and research institutions involved in the Arkansas Biosciences Institute or as otherwise identified by the Institute Board of the Arkansas Biosciences Institute and which is reasonably related, or complementary to, research identified in subparagraphs (1) through (4) of this subsection.


At the present time, biennial legislative scrutiny of the appropriated funding emphasizes the goal of leveraging these funds to produce additional extramural research funding by the several member institutions of the Arkansas Biosciences Institute.  Chancellor Wilson has appointed a Tobacco Research Funding Review Committee to make recommendations regarding specific allocation of the appropriated funds.  To achieve the needed leveraging goal, allocation of the UAMS portion of funding has been targeted toward:


a.         Recruitment of additional already funded proven investigators to UAMS.

b.         Providing funds for established UAMS investigators with a track record of successful funding in order to start new research projects related to the effects of tobacco use.

c.         Providing funds for obtaining supplemental data for proposals of UAMS investigators likely to be funded with additional assistance.

d.         Establishment or improvement of core research facilities.

e.         Providing funds to retain productive, funded investigators who are subject to recruitment to other institutions.


Should you wish to submit a proposal under the priorities listed above, the following should suffice for the Committee to evaluate and formulate a recommendation to Chancellor Wilson:


1.         A description of the research the investigator wishes to undertake, with sufficient references to previous work to evaluate its feasibility.

2.         A brief description of how this research is related to categories (1) through (5) and a. through e. above.

3.         A budget for carrying out the work, justifying what is requested.

4.         A listing of other funds available to the investigator for this work.

5.         A curriculum vitae for the principal investigator and other major collaborators in the work.

6.         A letter from the Department Chair in the College of Medicine or the Dean in the other Colleges supporting the request.


Send the original and 5 complete copies of your proposal to Lawrence E. Cornett  at slot 718.  There are no deadlines.  Proposals are reviewed in groups every few weeks as they accumulate.