Request for Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests can only be performed on a physician's order. Currently requisitions are used for requesting laboratory tests with one or more types of tests compiled for each laboratory section. Information with regard to the proper collection instructions for each test is provided in the Alphabetical Procedures Directory of this manual. The Clinical Laboratory has determined that the following items must be included on all orders or requisitions for inpatient and outpatient laboratory services. This includes tests requested as "add-ons":

  1. Patient last name, first name

  2. Date of Birth (D.O.B.)

  3. Patient medical record # and account

  4. Patient's Diagnosis or Chief Complaint

  5. Patient location

  6. The ordering physician and code

  7. The ordering physicians phone # and pager #

  8. Specimen type

  9. The tests required - Tests ordered must be individually marked (a line drawn through multiple tests is not acceptable).

  10. Indicate any special handling required

  11. The date and time of specimen collection

We must insist on this minimal information if we are to provide you with useful laboratory information for proper patient care. THIS INFORMATION IS REQUIRED BY CLIA'88 FOR ALL TESTS INCLUDING "ADD-ONS".

Identification of Specimens

Each and every specimen container submitted to the laboratories for analysis must have on the container (not on the lid since this obviously has to be removed during processing and specimen mix-ups can occur) the following minimum information:

  1. Patient Name

  2. Medical Record Number

  3. Date & Time of Collection

  4. Collector's Initials

If a routine specimen is found to be of questionable identity, a new specimen must be submitted. A routine specimen will not be re-labeled with a different patient's name after it reaches the lab. Only critical specimens (i.e. CSF, Body Fluids, or Trough and Peak drug levels) will be re-labeled and only after the collector signs a witnessed voucher. If the issue cannot be resolved, the Pathology Resident (501-688-2820) will be notified and will contact the submitting nurse/physician.

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