North Laboratory 1st Floor
Phone: 501-686-7044

Medical Director: Josh Bornhorst, Ph.D. (501-603-1260, pager 501-405-8157)
Point of Care Coordinator: Hazel "Ann" Jacob MT(ASCP)SBB (501-526-6489, pager 501-688-6489)
Point of Care Supervisor: Ashley Henry MT(ASCP) (501-686-7044)

The Clinical Laboratory Point of Care Testing encompasses the technical oversight of all the waived testing procedures performed by ancillary testing sites in the ER, OR, OPC, ACRC, and all clinics and nursing stations at UAMS.

Waived tests accredited by JCAHO and performed in these areas include:

Coloscreen Stool Specimen Negative N/A
Gastroccult Gastric Contents Negative N/A
Urine Preg. Test Fresh Urine Negative N/A
H. pylori CLO test Gastric mucosal biopsy Negative N/A
Nitrazene pH Gastric or Vaginal Fluid See Procedure N/A
Bladder Tumor Antigen Fresh Urine Negative N/A
Precision PXP Glucose Capillary Blood Neonate Day 1: 50-105 mg/dl

Neonate ≥ Day 2: 70-105 mg/dl

Adult: 70-105 mg/dl
Adult: <60 or >400 mg/dl

Neonate-2 years: <45 or >180mg/dl
Hemocue B HgB Whole Blood 11.5-17.5 g/dl <7.0 or >18.0 g/dl
Hemocue Glucose Whole Blood 70-105 mg/dl <60 or > 400mg/dl
Group A Strep Throat Swab Negative   N/A
Dipstick Urine Fresh Urine pH 5-8
SG 1.003-1.030
Urobili. <1 EU/dl
All other urine parameters should be Negative
3+ Glucose
3+ Ketone
PT/INR Whole blood PT:12.0-14.7 seconds INR > 4.0


Moderately complex tests accredited by the CAP and monitored by the clinical laboratory include:

I-STAT Lithium Heparin NA:   135-145 mEq/L
K:      3.5-5.0 mEq/L
CL:    100-109 mEq/L
CO2:  22-31 mEq/L
Gluc:  70-105 mg/dl    
HCT:  Females: 34-47 %
         Males:    40-52 %
BUN:  6-20 mg/dl
Creatinine: 0.5-1.1 mg/dL
Troponin I: 
  < 0.08 ng/mL = Negative
  0.08-0.6 ng/mL =
  > 0.6 ng/mL = Positive
ACT:  79-149 
NA: <120 or >160  mEq/L
K:    < 3.0 or > 5.5 mEq/L
CL:  < 80 or > 120 mEq/L
CO2: <10 or > 40 mEq/L
Gluc: <50 or > 450 mg/dl
HCT: < 21 or > 55 %
Troponin I: > 0.6 ng/mL
Activated Clotting Time ACT tube See Procedure   > 400 secs.
PT/INR Whole Blood PT:12.0-14.7 seconds INR > 4.0

Requests for new waived or point of care tests at any new UAMS site must be submitted to the Point of Care Coordinator using the attached Request for Point of Care Testing form and Business Manager's Financial Form. The completed forms must be authorized by the physician requesting the testing. The Laboratory Medical Director or Physician designee consults and reviews the request, makes recommendations and presents it to Hospital Administration for their review. (See Attachments A & B)

Request for Point of Care Testing Attachment A & Attachment B

Moderate Complex Test Procedures:

Hemochron ACT+ Procedure

Hemochron ACTLR Procedure

Hemochron PT Procedure


ISTAT Procedure

ISTAT System Manual



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