Clinical Laboratory Organization

The Clinical Laboratory consists of:

Blood Bank (including Transfusion Service)
Cell Therapy Apheresis (including Stem Cell Apheresis & Therapeutic Apheresis)
Cell Therapy Processing Lab
Chemistry (including routine procedures and Endocrinology/Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)
Central Processing/Client Services/Reference (Laboratory Support Services): provides routine specimen delivery and coordinates reporting of laboratory results.
Flow Cytometry
Hematology (including Coagulation and Urinalysis)
Immunology/Special Chemistry (including Serum & Urine Protien Electrophoresis)
Microbiology (including Bacteriology, Mycology, Mycobacteriology, and Parasitology)
Molecular Diagnostics
Neonatal Intensive Care Laboratory

UAMS Clinical Laboratories may contract with outside laboratories. Such tests are performed in the outside laboratory but specimen collection, delivery, results reporting, billing, and compliance remain with the UAMS Clinical Laboratory. Specialty/Reference Labs

 updated 2.3.10

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