J and K

Collection Tube Abbreviations

  RT  =  Plain Red top   GYT  =  Gray top   RBL  =  Royal Blue top
  RHalo = Red Halo   YT  =  Yellow top   PT  =  Pink top
  BLT  =  Blue top   GRN  =  Green top   PPT  =  Pearl top
  LT  =  Lavender top   SGRN  =  Special Green   GHalo = Green Halo
Reference Ranges and Critical Values Testing Schedule and Expected
JAK2B (JAK2B)   tall lavender (EDTA)
blood or bone marrow accepted
MAYO Reference Services Mailout: 5-7 days
JCV qPCR Plasma (JCVVP)   tall lavender ViraCor Laboratories  
JCV qPCR Urine (JCVVU)   Random urine  ViraCor Laboratories  
JCV qPCR CSF (JCVCS)   CSF ViraCor Laboratories  
JO-1 Antibody, IgG
Chem 5 ml blood, 1 Gold Top   Negative <1.0 A.I.
Positive   ≥1.0 A.I.
Joint Fluid; Cell Count, Differential & Crystal Exam
Heme See Cell Count and Differential, Synovial Fluid    
Joint Fluid, Culture & Smear
Micro See Culture, Body Fluid
Kappa Free Light Chains
Immu See Free Light Chains, (FRLC)    
17-Ketosteroids, Urine
Ref 24 hr urine in bottle Type II.
Keep refrigerated
ARUP Test Directory Mailout: 5-7 days
Kleihauer-Betke Stain
Heme See Fetal Hemoglobin Stain    
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