In an extreme emergency, blood will be issued as uncrossmatched patient ABO and Rh type specific or group O negative red cells. It takes approximately 5 minutes to perform the blood group type and issue type-specific red cells, which is superior to giving 0 negative blood. An antibody screen and crossmatches will be completed after the units leave the Blood Bank. The responsible physician's name must be recorded in the emergency release portion of the UAMS Blood Bank requisition (BBK1) form. Please notify the Blood Bank at ext. 686-5867 and the Clinical Pathology Resident on Blood Bank call (688-2820) in emergency situations to facilitate blood and component availability.

Blood Bank personnel may, upon request, take no more than four units of O Rh negative packed red cells to the ER. These will be tagged in the Blood Bank using patient ID or the "Doe" name and hospital number. Every effort must be made to provide a patient specimen so that additional type-specific units can be issued. Use the Securline labeling system for safer patient specimen identification. Also check the Securline number on the red cell product blood tags at the time of transfusion. Notify the Blood Bank immediately when the patient's true identity is determined so that previous records may be checked for problems.

The Blood Bank will type the patient and screen for antibodies. If no antibody is detected, only immediate spin crossmatches for ABO are done. If the antibody screen is positive the antibody will be identified and complete crossmatches performed.