DMS Clinical Practicum 2002
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
College of Health Related Professions
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
Student Clinical Records Book Instructions 
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Student Evaluation Forms will be completed at the end of each clinical rotation.  The Clinical Instructor will evaluate the student’s performance, which will become a part of the student’s clinical grade. The student will complete one Clinical Site Evaluation Form at the end of each clinical rotation. The site evaluation forms will be used to improve the student’s clinical experiences in the future.

Clinical Records:

The DMS students are expected to keep a record of every sonographic case in which they participate, observe, or perform. The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers recommends participation in a minimum of 800 cases before sitting for the ARDMS examinations. It has been found that students who participate in 800 or more ultrasound cases are more likely to pass the ARDMS examinations than those who are not involved in this many cases.

Students must keep accurate, current records of each case observed, participated in, or performed during their clinical rotations. This is important since a large part of the clinical grade for each student is based upon the number of cases documented per rotation. Clinical Case Log sheets are in the back of the student’s Clinical Records Book. The completed case logs are to be removed from the packet at the end of each clinical rotation and turned in along with the student and clinical evaluation forms. The forms will be evaluated by the Program Director and filed by the DMS Clinical Coordinator.

The student is expected to safeguard this information because it contains confidential patient data. The safekeeping of this information will also save the student the extra work of having to reconstruct the records, should they be lost. In addition, this will assist the student in locating good example cases for the class presentation projects.

Each case is recorded by entering the patient’s file number and the sonographic examination that was ordered in the first two columns. The Comments column is for any interesting findings, the actual examination(s) performed, if different from that ordered, or additional examinations completed.

The Diagnosis column is the Diagnosis given by the interpreting physician. The student records the initials of the sonographer supervising the case, and the total number of minutes of instruction for the case. The numbers in the first column are to aid in counting the cases. The total number of cases for each page is to be entered at the bottom and signed by the student and Clinical Instructor. It is very important that the case logs are updated daily. The record page is dated at the end of each day by writing the date in the File Number column on the next blank row, the Clinical Instructor(s) with whom the student worked that day is to verify the work by signing the dated line under the last case of the day.  Students who turn in case logs that do not have this daily record will have points deducted from their clinical rotation grade and will be counseled by the Program Director and the Clinical Coordinator. A new page is started only at the beginning of a new clinical rotation. If additional pages are needed, blank pages may be copied.

The UAMS DMS Program is accredited, and as such CMEs will be awarded to the Clinical Instructors for their time spent teaching the students. Please see the attached SDMS Guidelines that must be followed for the Clinical Instructor to be eligible for CMEs under the Clinical Instructorship Program. These forms will also be turned in at the end of each clinical rotation.

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