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Donna J. Kelly, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Associate Professor (tenured)

Dr. Donna Kelly

Graduate Courses Taught:

Ph.D. courses taught in 2006 & 2007:

  • Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations, ASP 6083.
  • Advanced Research Methods, ASP 6300
  • Pre-dissertation Project, ASP 6041, 6042   

 Ph.D. courses that I anticipate teaching:

  • Special Topics: Multicultural Issues
  • Special Topics: Child Language

 Current Research:

  •  Kelly, D.J. (2005). Primary Investigator. “Analysis of selected African American English grammatical forms produced by low-income mothers and their children”. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Medical Research Endowment Award. (Funded: $9, 280). 


  • Kelly, D.J. (2006). Primary Investigator. “Communication Profiles in low-income African American & Euro-American Dyads”. University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Office for Research and Graduate Studies, Research Seed Grant Competition. (Funded: $6,500).


  • Kelly, D.J. (2007). Primary Investigator. ”Relations between levels of maternal education and ethnicity and language acquisition for low-income African American and Euro-American Preschoolers”. University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Professional Studies, Research Fellow Award. (Funded: $10,000).


  • Kelly, D.J. (Under Revision; anticipated resubmission Fall 2007). Primary Investigator. “Relations between maternal communication and language outcomes in low-income preschoolers.” NIH R01 Submission to National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development, NICHD.  Original funding requested: $1,352,506 over 5 years.


  • Kelly, D. J., Andrews, N.S. & McKelvey, L. (In preparation). “Verbal social pragmatic acts produced by low-income African American mothers during play with their 3-year-olds.” Intended for: JSLHR.
  • Kelly, D. J. & McKelvey, L. (In progress). Relations between dyadic communication profiles and ethnicity (African American & Euro-American), poverty level, and maternal depression in low-income mother-child dyads at child age 14-, 24-, and 36-months.

 Future Research:

  • Verbal social pragmatic acts produced by low-income Euro-American mothers during play with their 3-year-olds.


  • Investigation of relations among ethnicity, poverty level, maternal education level, and maternal mental health status on the MacArthur-Bates: Child Development Inventory (short form) at child age 14- and 24-months.


  • Nonverbal social pragmatic acts produced by low-income African American and Euro-American mothers at child age 14-, 24- and 36-months.


  • Mother-child communication profiles in hearing-impaired preschoolers.


  • Multicultural child language assessment issues.


  • Assessment of and/or intervention with “late talkers”.


  • Theoretical and applied assessment issues: Preschoolers with Specific Language Impairment.


 Email Address djkelly@ualr.edu