UAMS Parking Application

General Information
If you are a UAMS employee or a student and in need of a parking space or you'd like to move to a new parking location, this form is for you. Parking Applications of those whose Department has moved from off campus to the main campus will be processed by date of hire. The off campus department head must coordinate the submission of applications with Parking Operations. If no parking spaces are available, you will be placed on a waiting list.
Special Considerations
If you are an RN that provides direct patient care in an inpatient area, please have your supervisor email the UAMS Parking Operations to verify this information. You will still need to submit your application, but this extra step may allow you to be assigned parking space sooner.
For Carpool information, please refer to the UAMS Carpool Information page.
If you require ADA Accessable parking, you will get immediate deck approval.

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