Rental Reservation Process

Rental reservations can be made through the Enterprise link that is available on the UAMS Travel website. Please take advantage of the Trip Optimizer tool for assistance in making the most cost effective travel arrangements.

Choose Payment Option
There are several options available when making a reservation depending on the payment method.

  1. Select Business (using a personal credit card seeking reimbursement), or
  2. Select Business using BTA-VISA if you will be paying for your reservation with your department BTA. This option does require that you email Matt Gandy, or call him at 573-645-1225 to set up direct billing. This is a one time process.
  3. Select Patient and Leisure Rates if rental is for personal use.
You are now ready to make your reservation.
  1. Enter the pick up date and time as well as the return date and time.
  2. Enter the pick up location.
  3. Select from the available vehicle classes listbox.
  4. Click on the Search button. If the city and state of the pickup location was entered, the available vendors will be listed for your selection. If the exact pickup location was defined, the cars available will be displayed.
Select the desired vehicle.

Enter the renter's information.

Your reservation is now complete. If you have any questions regarding the Enterprise reservation process, please email Matt Gandy, or call him at 573-645-1225.