UAMS Daily Vehicle Rentals

UAMS has partnered with Enterprise, the contract provider for AR State Agencies, to meet the daily rental needs on campus. Enterprise is a cost effective alternative to owning and managing a motor pool.

Benefits of using Enterprise
Cost effective, Newer model vehicles, Wide variety of vehicles available including specialty vehicles, Unlimited mileage, 24 hour roadside assistance, Flexible pick up times and locations, Quick and easy online reservations process, Direct billing to departmental BTA available. Enterprise allows special rates for patient and employee personal use.

Quick Start Program
The Quick Start program is ideal for employees who need access to the rental car before Enterprise opens at 7:30 am. The program is designed to allow the traveler to leave early and not incur an additional days charge. The car can be picked up the day prior between 4:30-6:00 pm. An additional charge of $10.00 will apply and the daily rate charge begins the following morning.

Additional Information about the Quick Start Program

  • It is ideal for 26-30 hour rentals
  • Not necessary if the rental is for 24 hour period. The customer picks up at 5:00 pm and returns the following day by 5:00 pm
  • Not necessary if the rental will be two 24 hour periods
  • For more information in processing a Quick Start reservation, email Matt Gandy, or call him at 573-645-1225.
Enterprise Fueling Policy
Several fueling options are available to assist UAMS travelers with their rental needs.

Option A - At the time of rental pick up, renters may purchase a full tank of gas at competitive industry pre-purchase fuel prices. Just ask the rental agents for the Fuel Service Option (FSO).
Option B - The renter may be charged the refueling rate based on current self-service, per-gallon pricing, plus a fee of up to 50 percent. Corporate locations will cap the maximum refueling charge at $2.00 per gallon above current full-service, per-gallon pricing.
Option C - The renter replaces all gallons used before returning the vehicle to avoid all refueling charges.

Note: Drivers are required to complete the Authorize to Operate if driving for UAMS business purposes; this includes state owned, rental or personal vehicles.