UAMS Carpool Information

In order to encourage participation in carpooling, UAMS Parking Operations is offering incentives to registered carpool members. A carpool is defined as 3 or more participants that are willing to commit to sharing a ride to and from the UAMS Campus.

To enroll, please complete and sign the UAMS Carpool Application and be sure to include all carpool members' information before you return the completed form to the Parking Operations Office.

To learn more about the UAMS Carpool Program, please download the UAMS Carpool Information packet.

    More Information About UAMS Carpool Program
  • Eligible UAMS Employees are those who live beyond a reasonable walking distance from the UAMS campus
  • Parking fees are shared and must be payroll deducted
  • Carpool groups must register annually

  • What are the incentives?
  • Shared fuel expenses
  • Shared parking expenses
  • Bypass the UAMS Parking waiting list
  • Prime parking space areas in eack parking deck is reserved for carpoolers
  • Reduced mileage and maintenance on your vehicle
  • Reduced stress during the commute to work