UAMS GreenRide Overview

UAMS GreenRide is a free online matching service that promotes the use of alternative transportation within the UAMS community. By encouraging our staff to leave their cars at home, we help preserve air quality, decrease traffic congestion, conserve fuel, and promote better health; all while decreasing parking demand on the UAMS Campus.

UAMS GreenRide assists you in locating others interested in carpooling who have similar work schedules and who live in the same area. It's fast, friendly, and offers anonymity until you decide to set up the actual carpool arrangements. Participants can use their UAMS email or, for even more privacy, use your personal email account.

    What are the benefits?
  • Shared fuel expenses
  • Shared parking expenses
  • Bypass the UAMS Parking waiting list
  • Prime parking space areas in eack parking deck is reserved for carpoolers
  • Reduced mileage and maintenance on your vehicle
  • Reduced stress during the commute to work
  • Reduced traffic by having less vehicles on the road during rush hour
  • Reduced the carbon footprint
  • Did you know? The United States could save 33 million gallons of fuel daily if the average commuting vehicle carried just 1 additional person.