UAMS Special Event Parking Overview

General Information
All activities on the UAMS campus begin and end with parking. We ask for your partnership in creating a positive experience for our patients and guests. Poor event planning can reflect negatively on the UAMS Campus, Event Sponsor and the Parking Operations. We ask that anyone sponsoring an event on campus coordinate their guest parking needs in advance.
  • A Special Event for parking purposes is defined as 20 or more "off campus" guests.
  • Parking requests should be submitted prior to sending invitations to guests.
  • Special Event parking should be requested using the Special Event Parking Request form. The form can be completed and submitted electronically.
  • All parking requests will be processed on a space available basis.
  • If your request is approved for deck parking, regular parking rates will apply. If your department chooses to provide event validations, include your Fund and Cost Center for billing purposes.
While every effort will be made to assist departments in providing convenient event parking, minimizing patient service disruption is priority. This means not all requests for deck parking can be accommodated.

Please Note: All Events and dates must be pre-approved in advance by the Office of the Chancellor, Institutional Advancement (IA) and the Office of Communications & Marketing. The pre-approval process is initiated only by submission of the Event Request Form which is found on the UAMS Event Planning website.

Shuttle Services
If your special event request for deck parking cannot be approved, parking will be available on the Ray Winder lot. Current UAMS Shuttle routes & times are available for your convenience. Based on the number of guests and the scheduled time of your event, you may want to consider providing additional shuttle service (additional fees will apply). Please contact Parking Operations for more information.

Valet Services
Ambassador Plus is our contract provider for patient/guest valet services. Our primary patient contract does not provide for special event services. If you are interested in providing valet parking for your special event you will need to coordinate with Ambassador Plus (additional fees will apply). Please contact Parking Operations for more information.

Additional Information
When there is scheduling flexibility, plan activities during times when parking demand is relatively low (e.g. late afternoons, evenings, Fridays, and weekends). Parking 3 is primarily a patient deck and maintains a very high patient volume. Therefore, event parking will be very limited on Parking 3 Monday - Thursday.

All UAMS parking and traffic regulations apply during events. Parking is not permitted in fire lanes, no parking zones, handicap accessible spaces (without permits) or other areas not posted for parking. Failure to comply with parking regulations may result in issuance of parking citations or towing of the vehicle. Please contact Parking Operations for more information.