Employee/Student Parking as Guest/Patient or Parking a Temporary Vehicle

Employees and students that are on campus as a patient or a guest (of a patient) are encouraged to park in their assigned parking area if possible. In the event that is not a viable option, you may park in the Patient and Guest areas but must also contact Parking Operations to assure a parking citation is not received.

We ask that you or family members visiting clinical facilities who are using a vehicle owned by an employee or student contact Parking Operations. This will assure that you or a family member driving a vehicle registered in an employee's name do not receive a parking citation.

Employees and students that are driving a temporary vehicle to campus that is not registered with Parking Operations are to park in their assigned parking area. Parking Operations must be contacted to assure a citation is not received.

The purpose of reporting is to help Parking Operations distinguish between employees parked in the area as a patient and those who are abusing the patient parking area. This process preserves sufficient patient and guest parking. For your convenience, you have several reporting options.

  • Complete the reporting form below, or send an email or call Parking Operations (501) 526-7275.
  •         Include your name and SAP #,
            The license plate number and the state license plate was issued,
            The make, model & color of vehicle, and
            The parking area location of the vehicle.

Note: Abuse may result in the loss of parking privileges.


or Student ID #

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Car Plate #

State on License Plate

Car Make

Car Model

Car Color

Parking Area

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