Chemical Waste Pick Up
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Note: The Chemical Waste pick up request cannot be used for the pick up of biohazardous or radioactive waste.

To request pick up of the biohazardous waste or radioactive waste, please click on the appropriate web link to submit that waste pick up request.

or Badge ID #

Please do not remove materials from area where they were generated. Be sure that each item is packaged and labeled clearly. If you do not know the chemical composition of an item you must identify it at least qualitatively.

It is against State and Federal Law for Occupational Health and Safety to accept unknowns into the Hazardous Materials / Waste Management Program. By law, it is the responsibility of the generator to identify materials they generate. Please contact Occupational Health and Safety for any assistance in this regard.


Note: We cannot accept Federal Grant funds (211 - 219) per UAMS Admin Policy 8.3.17