UAMS Powered Air Purifying (PAPR) or Half Face/Full Face Respirator Approval Process

Since the PAPR and the Half Face/Full Face respirator is a tight-fitting face piece respirator, there is an approval process each wearer must complete before being fitted for the respirator. The steps below includes a medical questionnaire, training, testing and fitting of these respirators.

Step 1: Complete the Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire.

    • Call the Employee/Student Health at 686-6565 to schedule a respirator physical.
    • Please take the completed medical evaluation questionnaire with you to the appointment.
    • Re-evaluation is required:
      • Every 2 years if age was 45 years and older
      • Every 3 years if age was 35 - 44 years
      • Every 5 years if age was 34 years and younger
      • Every year if an individual has an existing or develops a medical condition that requires annual examinations.
Step 2: The Respirator Training must be completed before being fit tested.

Step 3: Fit tests are required for the use of any tight-fitting face piece respirators.

Hours Fit Tests Are Performed
Mondays:           7:00 - 10:00 am
Wednesdays:     1:00 - 4:00 pm
Thursdays:          7:00 - 10:00 am
    • If wearing the PAPR you must make an appointment for hands on training by calling Sonja Hart at 296-1060. For all other respirators, no appointment is necessary.
    • Do not eat, chew gum or drink anything except water for at least 15 minutes before coming to be fit tested
    • Do not bring cups, drink bottles or food with you when coming to be fit tested. They are not allowed in the laboratory.
    • Males must be clean shaven to be fit tested. A mustache and goatee is allowed as long as it does not go under the chin to the neck. (Does not apply if wearing the PAPR).
    • Come to Central Building (old hospital ) G-154 to be fit tested (located around the corner from the cafeteria).
Step 4: Annual training & fit tests are required to monitor changes in facial structure and ability to wear the respirator.

If you have any questions and / or concerns please contact Sonja Hart by email or you may call her at 296-1060.