UAMS Emergency Contact Numbers

In the Event of Fire

Call 686-5333

Do not ignore fire alarms. If you discover smoke or fire, notify others and leave the building immediately. Do not use elevators during a fire evacuation. Follow the instructions of campus officials and emergency responders.

Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute
Press OUTGOING, then 686-5333

Community Women's Clinic
Dial 911

Central Building
Areas 5B and 5D – Presss OUTGOING, then 686-5333
All other floors – Dial 686-5333

Distribution Center
Call 911

Family Medicine
Call 686-5333

Jackson T. Stephens Spine Institute
Floors B, 2, 3 – Dial 9, then 686-5333
All other floors – Dial 686-5333

Jones Eye Institute
Dial 9, then 911

Outpatient Care Center
South – Press OUTGOING, then 686-5333
North – Press 9, then 686-5333
Admin – Dial 911