Employee Parking Rates
UAMS assures there are free parking options available to all employees. Closer parking opportunities are available for a fee; most areas have a waiting list. Fair and efficient parking assignments are made through collaborative effort with Parking Assignment Committee.

Parking is a finite resource and it is important to maximize facility utilization to best serve our patients, guests, and employees. It is an industry best practice to overbook parking areas to maximize facilities utilization. It is our goal to maximize facilities utilization while keeping overfills to a minimum. Parking areas at times, will over fill and an alternate parking location will be made available.

Please be courteous to our patient and guests while driving in the deck. Many of them are entering the deck for the first time and are unfamiliar with the environment.

UAMS employees and students must complete a Parking Application. All decks and most lots will have a waiting list. Applications are added to the waiting list by receipt of application date. Please click the Application Status Link to view the most current waiting list.

Employees or students who are ineligible for payroll deduction must pay for a minimum of six months in advance when they receive a parking assignment.