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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Proceedings, Chapters, etc.

Siegel ER. Searching Model Space for SELDI-TOF Cancer Classifiers.  Working Paper, to appear in 2005 Proceedings of the American Statistical Association [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association.

Siegel ER, Thaden J, Simpson PM.  Intra-Slide Correlation and Treatment Significance in Microarray Data:  The Impact of Loess Normalization.  2004 Proceedings of the American Statistical Association [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, pp. 461-465, 2005.  


Simpson PM, Hamer R, Jo C-H, B. Huang E, Goel R, Siegel E, Dennis R, Bogle ML.  Assessing Model Fit and Finding a Fit Model.  Paper 214-29, SUGI 29 Proceedings, Toronto, May 9-12, 2004. 


Siegel ER, Spencer T, Parrish RS.  Controlling false discovery when planning microarray experiments.  2003 Proceedings of the American Statistical Association [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, pp3897-3899, 2004.



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