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Songthip T. Ounpraseuth, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


College of Public Health Room 3220

Tel.: 501-686-7233



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PBHL 5233/BIOM 5133 Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials (Spring 2012)

PBHL 5033 Biostatistics III (Multivariate Analysis) (Fall 2011)

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 Research Interests

computational statistics, prediction error estimation, dimension reduction & classification.

Recent Publications

Wagle-Shukla A, Ounpraseuth S, Gray V, Schwankhaus J, Metzer WS.  Micrographia and Related Deficits in Parkinsonís Disease.  BMJ Open (Accepted).


Payakachat N, Ounpraseuth S, Suen JY.  Long-term Quality of Life of Survivors (> 5 years) with Histories of Head and Neck Cancer.  Head & Neck (Accepted).


Ounpraseuth, Gauss, Bronstein, Lowery, Nugent, Hall.  Evaluating the Effect of Hospital and Insurance Type on the Risk of 1-Year Mortality of Very Low Birth Weight Infants:  Controlling for Selection Bias.  Medical Care 2012 Apr;50(4):353-60


Jeon Small, Songthip Ounpraseuth, Brenda Booth, Geoffrey Curran.  Motivation to change as mediator for the longitudinal relationships of gender and alcohol severity with one-year drinking outcomes.  Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 2012 May;73(3):504-13.


Everett F Magann, Adam T Sandlin, Songthip OunpraseuthAmniotic Fluid and the Clinical Relevance of Ultrasound Estimated Amniotic Fluid Volume:  Oligohydramnios.  Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 2011 Nov;30(11):1573-85.


Geoffrey Curran, Songthip Ounpraseuth, Jeon Small, Brenda Booth.  Trajectories of substance abuse and mental health services in rural stimulant users.  Psychiatric Services 2011 62:1230-1232.


 Nalin Payakachat, Songthip Ounpraseuth, Denise Ragland, Matthew Murawski.  Job and career satisfaction:  Intangible rewards for pharmacist preceptors.  American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2011; 75(8): 1-10.


Denise Ragland, Nalin Payakachat, Songthip Ounpraseuth, Adam Pate, Sara E. Harrold, Rachel E. Ott.  Emergency Contraception Counseling:  An Opportunity for Pharmacist.  Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2011 Nov-Dec;51(6):756-61.

Songthip Ounpraseuth , Page C. Moore, and Dean M. Young.  Imputation Techniques for Incomplete Data in Quadratic Discriminant Analysis.  Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 2011 DOI:10.1080/00949655.2011.559471.

Bronstein, Ounpraseuth, Jonkman, Lowery, Fletcher, Nugent, and Hall.  Improving perinatal regionalization for preterm deliveries in a Medicaid covered population:  Initial impact of the Arkansas ANGELS intervention.  Health Services and Research 2011 Mar 17. Doi: 10.1111/j.1475-6773.2011.01249.x.

Songthip Ounpraseuth, Tonya M. Rafferty, Rachel E. McDonald-Phillips, Whitney M. Gammill, Eric R. Siegel, Kristin L. Wheeler, Erik A. Nilsson, Craig A. Cooney. A Method to Quantify Mouse Coat-Color ProportionsPLoS One 4(4): e5414. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0005414 (2009)

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Songthip T. Ounpraseuth



4301 W. Markham St., Slot 781

Little Rock, AR 72205-7199



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4301 West Markham, #781

Little Rock, AR 72205-7199

Phone: 501.296.1556

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