NUMBER: 11.2.02
DATE: 10/03/02



The University of Arkansas Systems office established procedures in 2001 to replace Arkansas State Building Services standards and criteria for management of capital infrastructure projects.  This policy highlights those areas where coordination is required and presents procedures to be followed to insure appropriate compliance with University of Arkansas systems requirements.


(1)        All capital projects for construction, renovation, equipment and property acquisition requiring a Method of Finance (MOF) must initiated through the Executive Director of Campus Operations (EDCO).

(2)        All construction and renovation projects utilizing Maintenance and Operation funds and exceeding $2,000 or resulting in a structural change or functional change must have approval prior to the start of the project in compliance with Campus Policy 11.2.01, Renovation and Construction Projects.

(3)        All construction and renovation projects costing less than $2,000 and not funded by a Method of Finance (MOF) must be submitted to the UAMS Physical Plant for approval.

(4)        All capital project MOFs (construction, renovation, equipment and property acquisition) must be initiated through the EDCO, and upon completion of internal University processing, will be submitted by UAMS office of financial services for legislative approval.  The same process will be followed for MOF Revisions.

(5)        The EDCO will be responsible for insuring UAMS compliance with University of Arkansas Systems requirements involving pre-construction, construction and post-construction activities.


(6)        Any use of, or contract for, design professional services (interior design, architectural, landscape, engineering, etc.) must have the written approval of the EDCO before being processed through University channels.

(7)        Project approval is required of some projects prior to initiating design procedures.  Such projects will be directed by the EDCO through the University of Arkansas System approval process.

(8)        The Executive Director of Campus Operations will notify University of Arkansas Systems Office by letter that UAMS is in need of design services and describe the project.

(9)        Upon approval of the project, the University of Arkansas Systems Office will release UAMS to publish a public notice seeking design services.  Two weeks must be allowed for responses.

(10)      Following University of Arkansas Systems procedures, a UAMS Selection Committee will be appointed by the Chancellor to screen applications from design professionals.  The Selection Committee shall select no more than five finalists.

(11)      After sufficient notification (at least ten days), the finalists will present their credentials and discuss the project before the Selection Committee.

(12)      The Selection Committee will forward its selections to the Chancellor and then to University of Arkansas Systems office within twenty-four (24) hours.

(13)      The selection will be presented by the Chancellor at the next meeting the Board of Trustees.