NUMBER: 11.1.07
DATE: 07/01/91



The purpose of this policy is to notify departments within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of the procedures for effective use of the UAMS Bookstore and its available services.


  1. The UAMS Bookstore is a source for all students, faculty, and staff of UAMS, as well as Arkansas physicians, who wish to obtain medical textbooks and equipment, reference materials, supplies and gift items.
  2. The Bookstore is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and is located on the ground floor of the Jeff Banks Student Union. The telephone number is 686-6160, the Fax number is (501) 686-5905, and the mail slot number is Slot 565. All messages or orders to the Bookstroe must be clearly labeled.


  1. Faculty members requesting textbooks from the UAMS Bookstore must submit Textbook Authorization Forms at least two months prior to the first day of class. Classes offered on a regular semester schedule should have textbooks ordered by June 1st for the Fall semester and October 15 for the Spring semester. The Bookstore will distribute a reminder memo and blank Textbook Authorization Forms to faculty members at least six weeks prior to the due date of completed textbook authorizations. Additional blank Textbook Authorization Forms and Desk Copy Order Forms are available in the Bookstore.
  2. Books may be special ordered by using Special Order Book Forms available in the Bookstore. Orders can be placed in person, by telephone, by Fax or through mail correspondence. Orders require a fifty percent (50%) down payment at the time of order. Down payments will be forfieted if the order is canceled by the requesting customer. If the order is cancelled by the publisher, the full down payment will be refunded.
  3. The University Bookstore will sell textbooks through Interdepartmental Transfers to all UAMS departments at a five percent (5%) discount. Any other item(s) or supplies may also be purchased through Interdepartmental Transfer but will not be subject to the 5% discount. Items available through state contract or through the Stockroom cannot be purchased through Interdepartmental Transfers. When ordering items through Interdepartmental Transfers be sure to include a contact person and their extension number.


  1. The UAMS Bookstore will have specialized supplies available for the various collees’ students, if the Bookstore manager is notified in writing at least two months prior to the students’ need for these supplies. If special supplies are needed during the semester, the Bookstore manager will obtain these supplies as quickly as possible.
  2. Faculty wishing to sell syllabi for their classes may do so through the Bookstore. A small handling fee will be added to the printing cost of the syllabi when it is sold to the students. Departments will receive reimbursement for their printing charges by way of Interdepartmental Transfers based on semester sales of the syllabi.


  1. Prices for textbooks in the UAMS Bookstore are based on individual publisher’s suggested retail price and include a charge for shipping and handling. An appropriate discount on books is offered to all UAMS students, faculty, and staff and employees who present their UAMS Identification Badge.
  2. Personal Checks will be accepted for the amount of purchase when proper identification is presented. Return checks are processed through a collection agency. All inquiries regarding returned checks must be addressed to the UAMS Treasurer’s office. Visa, and Mastercard will also be accepted for purchases.
  3. Health checks issued by the UAMS Blood Bank can be used to purchase any item in the UAMS Bookstore.


  1. Books may only be returned within two weeks after the purchase date as printed on the register receipt. No refunds will be made after that two week period.
  2. Any item returned for refund or exchange (within two weeks following the purchase date) must be accompanied by a cash register receipt. Refunds for books returned after five working days are reduced by twenty percent (20%) unless accompanied by a signed statement from the college stating that the student has dropped the course.
  3. Refunds or exchanges on items besides textbooks will be handled on a case by case basis.



The Textbook Authorization Form is sent to faculty members six weeks prior to their due date, which is at least two months prior to the first day of class. Additional copies are available iin the Bookstore.


Check the apppropriate space indicating the semester and level for which authorizatin is requested.

  1. College: Enter the name of the college requesting authorization of the textbook.
  2. Estimated Enrollment: Enter the estimated number of students enrolled.
  3. Faculty Name & Ext.: Enter the name and telephone extension of the faculty member making the request.
  4. CourseTitle/Number: Enter the complete name and number of the course for which the requested books will be used.
  5. Date: Enter the date of this authorization request.


These blanks are reserved for the listing of only those books, supplies and equipment that are required for a particular course. Use these blanks for listing textbooks, as well as supplies and equipment.

  1. Primary Author: Enter the primary author of the textbook being requested. NOTE: Only current editions are available. Old and out of print titles cannot be ordered.
  2. Title/Edition/Year: Enter the complete title, eidtion, and copyright year of the text book being requested.
  3. Publisher: Enter the name of the textbook’s publisher.


These blanks are reserved for the listing of only those books, supplies and equipment that are recommended for a particular course. Follow the same steps as in 6-8 above to complete this section.



The Desk Copy Request Form is used to request a desk copy of a book previously ordered for a specific course. Publishers and bookstores prefer thtat instructors write directly to the publishers for desk copies.


  1. Date: Enter the date that this request is made.
  2. To: Enter the full name of the publisher’s street address, and the publisher’s city, state and zip code.
  3. Your Book: Enter the complete title and edition of the book requested, and indicate the author.
  4. Publisher’s Book Number: Enter the ISBN if known.
  5. Required of Recommended: Check the appropriate space indicating whether the book is required or recommended for the course.
  6. Course Number and Title: Enter the complete number and title of the course.
  7. Number and Name of Bookstore: Enter the total number of copies that was ordered, and enter the name of the bookstore with which the order was placed.
  8. Date: Enter the date which the order indicated above was placed.
  9. Name/Rank: Enter the name and rank of the requesting instructor.
  10. Department: Enter the name of the department making the request.
  11. School: Indicate the school that is making the request.
  12. Address: Enter the complete street address, city and state of the school making the request.



Books may be special ordered by using Special Order Forms available in the Bookstore. A fifty percent (50%) down payment is required at the time of the order. Down payments will be forfiet if the order is cancelled by the requesting party. If the order is cancelled by the publisher, the full down payment will be refunded.


  1. Name: Enter your name.
  2. Author: Enter the full name of the author(s).
  3. Title: Enter the complete title of the book requested.
  4. IBSN: (International Standard Book Number) Enter the name of the publisher, since ISBN is not usually known.
  5. Date Ordered: Leave this space blank.
  6. Price: Enter the price of the book requested.
  7. Date Paid: Enter the date that the down payment was made.
  8. Amount Paid: Enter the amount of the down payment, and check the appropriate blank indicating the method of payment. If the method of payment is a credit card, then enter the credit card number.
  9. Signature/Date: Enter your signature and the date signed.