NUMBER: 8.4.08
DATE: 3/26/02



The purpose of this policy is to notify students of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and their sponsors of the UAMS regulations and procedures regarding student travel.


It is the concern of UAMS that the University be protected from claims and liability which might arise from occasions in which students travel off campus in order to represent the University.  To insure UAMS protection, the following policy and regulations apply:

The term “Official Representation” shall include student travels only when the following conditions exist:

*          The student or students are authorized by a Dean, Director, Vice Chancellor or Chancellor having authority to do so, to be “official University representatives” for the purpose of attending an event related to the accomplishment of University purposes.

*          The University will benefit from the representation in a substantial manner.

*          The student or students travel by University vehicle or by the transportation selected and approved for them by the person authorizing their travel.

*          The student or students meet campus requirements for participation in extracurricular activities.

*          Before leaving the campus, the student or students, and any accompanying faculty or staff members, register according to the procedures outlined in these regulations.

NOTE:  Students attending functions on their own initiative in the guise of being “from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences,” with the institution deriving no benefit other than that resulting publicity, are not official University representatives.


 (1)       Due to the possibility of claims and liability arising from student travel, strict procedures must be established concerning the dispatching of enrolled students off campus for University purposes.  Therefore, in order to establish students as official representatives of UAMS, the following procedure must be followed:

a)    Faculty or staff sponsoring or approving the students must secure authority from the appropriate administrator of their college or division.

b)    The sponsor must register the students within a reasonable amount of time in advance of the travel period by completing the University of Arkansas Notification of Off-Campus Travel of Students, available at the UAMS Web Site.  The completed form must be signed by both the staff member sponsoring the student and by the division travel administrator designee.

A copy of this form must be maintained in the student’s department along with other records of the travel for insurance purposes.  If the student incurs any reimbursable expense his/her sponsor is responsible for submitting a purchase order for payment.

c)    Many students are also employees.  As a matter of simplifying documentation and reimbursement for these individuals, if a person has an employee number in SAP, his/her travel will be handled through the UAMS Travel Office the same as any other employee.  However, only full-time regular employees are eligible for travel advances or the Arkansas Agency Travel Card.

(d)     The faculty sponsor must inform student representatives of the responsibilities associated with official status.


(2)        The Notification of Off-Campus Travel of Students registration form must contain type of transportation being utilized.  Students may travel on public carriers, in University vehicles, or by private vehicle if covered by an insurance policy currently in effect and purchased by the owner of the vehicle.  If a private automobile is used, specific information regarding the owner’s insurance coverage must also be provided.

(3)        All applicable laws and regulations must be followed, including compliance with the UAMS Safety Program.  In the event of an accident, the driver must give full disclosure of his or her name, address, vehicle registration number, driver’s license, and university state.  Liability should not be admitted since all the facts may be unknown at the moment.

(4)        Upon returning to the campus, students will file reports with their administrative office and the business manager’s office concerning any accidents, collisions, personal injuries, or property damage to themselves or to others.  In the case of an accident involving a privately owned vehicle, the owner should notify his/her insurance company immediately.

(5)        Students are prohibited from operating University vehicles on off-campus trips as defined herein unless accompanied by a staff member.

(6)        When a University vehicle is to be used for off-campus travel, persons to whom vehicle possession is granted must display a valid driver’s license to Physical Plant officials.  Any other passengers who may be operating the vehicle must also present a valid driver’s license.

(7)        The above rules are inapplicable in the following situations:

a)      Riding in University-operated vehicles between portions of campus located in the same city or its suburbs.

b)      Riding during off-campus trips organized in their own interest.  Such trips are not made as official travel on behalf of UAMS, and the University bears no responsibility for any liability arising therefrom.

c)      Dispatching of a student on an errand in a city where he/she is regularly enrolled.


(8)        All groups must have a sponsor on an official trip in order to insure the University against public criticism.  Individual sponsors accompanying students on off-campus trips assume responsibility concerning the safety of students, their conduct, and for the overall representation of the university.  Sponsors may become liable for any person or persons injured, if the injury is a result of the sponsor’s negligence.  In addition, any actions of the sponsor that occur as a result of something within the sponsor’s general authority may reflect on the University.  As a University employee, the sponsor is obligated to maintain reasonable order.


(9)        Students away from the campus as University representatives are subject to disciplinary action by the University for breaches of conduct.  The accompanying sponsor is authorized to maintain good order and good representation during the trip.  Students returning to the campus may receive disciplinary action for their misconduct during the trip.




    (a)   Name of group:___________________________________________________________

    (b)   Purpose of trip:__________________________________________________________

    (c)   Expected absence from campus:   From___________AM/PM______________, 20___;

                   To______________________AM/PM___________________________, 20______

   (d) Name of sponsor (please print_________________________________________________

   (e)  University division authorizing travel ____________________________________________

   (f)  Type of transportation_________________________________________________________

   (g)  Insurance coverage (if private transportation)______________________________________

II.   ITINERARY: (Please list those points at which members of the group can be reached in case of an  emergency.  Continue on back if necessary.)

                   Address (City, Hotel, Institution, Etc.

                   Dates and Hours

III.             MEMBERS OF GROUP:   (Please type names and colleges of students and faculty who are expected to make the trip.  Designate faculty by placing an “(f)” after the names of  faculty members.  (Continue on back if necessary.)
NAME                                   COLLEGE                                                                            NAME                                   COLLEGE

IV.              SIGNATURE OF SPONSOR:__________________________________________Date:_____________     

V.       Date:_____________