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NUMBER: 8.3.09
DATE: 11/01/93
REVISION: 11/12/2003



The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) is committed to the initial and continuing education of all grant managers on this campus. The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent training guidelines for UAMS employees responsible for administering or participating in the process of grants management at the department or division level.


Training for grants management will be a combined effort among the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), Restricted Funds Accounting (Grants Accounting), and Information Technology. All employees managing grants will be assigned to a Grants Manager job role in SAP. This role will enable the employee managing grants to have access to all the transactions within SAP necessary to perform the job. Enrollment in the Grant Management Orientation will be a prerequisite to assignment to this job role. The Grant Management Orientation, as well as the SAP Grants Reporting classes, will be offered on a monthly basis.

New employees at UAMS will coordinate with their department or division administrator and/or supervisor to attend the Grants Management Training. It is strongly recommended that grant managers enroll in the Grants Management Certification Program described below.


Additionally, the employee may be enrolled in the Grants Management Certification Program. Enrollment may be obligatory depending on the employee’s job role and department recommendation. Using Training Tracker, the Grants Management Training Officer will monitor the progress of all employees through the Grants Management Certification Program. Many of the components of the Grants Management Certification Program assume a working knowledge of business and financial systems at UAMS. Upon successful completion of the one year course, participants will receive a certificate of completion and will be deemed UAMS-certified in grants management. The participant’s supervisor and their department chairperson will also be notified of the successful completion for consideration in merit increases. Once certified, the employee is responsible for completing six contact credits in grants management within the calendar year on a continuing basis. (For example, once an employee is initially certified in grants management, they attend 6 contact credits in specified courses during that calendar year. For each year after, they are responsible for attending 6 additional contact credits (per calendar year) to maintain the certification).

Grants Management requirements:

Grants Management Orientation 4 contact credits
SAP Grants Reporting 4 contact credits
Grants Management Workshops 6 contact credits
Extramural Training 3 contact credits
Final Exam 70% pass

In the event that an employee does not pass the final exam for grants management, there will be opportunities given through the Grants Accounting office or through the home department to receive additional assistance in needed areas before retaking the final exam. The frequency of the final exam will be at the discretion of the Grants Management Training Officer.

Twelve UAMS training workshops will be held annually, at least one each month, at a predetermined place and time. The UAMS Grants Management Training Officer will be responsible for scheduling, coordinating, conducting, and assessing all grants management training workshops on the UAMS campus.

Each of the workshops will be worth one contact credit each. The workshops will have a pre-award, post-award, and IT component. Enrollment in the Grants Management Certification Program is not a prerequisite for attendance at these workshops.

Proposed Workshop Topics:
• Writing a Proposal
• Cost Sharing
• Cost Transfers
• Preparing a Budget
• Subcontracting
• Clinical Trial Management
• OMB Circulars A-21, A-110, and A-133
• General Provisions for selected items of cost
• Time and Effort Reporting
• Indirect Costs
• Account Closeouts and Final Reporting
• Personnel Payroll Distribution

Extramural training opportunities will be announced to the campus through the Grants Management Training Officer.