NUMBER: 5.2.07
DATE: 01/14/02
REVISION: 01/05/04



To ensure that all packages arriving at the Distribution Center reach the correct destination.


  1. Packages are delivered to the Distribution Center by various means:  UAMS Mailroom Motor Freight, UPS, local vendors, Federal and Airborne Express. It is the ordering departments responsibility to ensure that they provide their vendor with all the necessary information to be placed on the outside of the package. All packages should have correct ship-to labels on the outside of the package. 


a.       The ship-to label should read:  UAMS, 4301 West Markham or 800 Cottage Drive, Little Rock, AR 72205.  To ensure delivery the ship-to label should also contain the following information:  Name of the ordering department, slot number, building name with room number, a contact person and a phone number of the department designated to receive the shipment.


b.      All packages received from a UAMS vendor should also have a packing slip attached to the outside of the package.  In addition, the purchase order number should be clearly noted on the packing slip.  The above requirement is a UAMS Terms and Condition requirement that is listed on each Purchase Order.


2.      If a package is received by Distribution without a correct ship-to label, Distribution and Procurement Services will research the available information associated with the package in attempt to deliver the package to its correct destination. The following is a list of procedures that Distribution Services follows in an attempt to make a correct package delivery.


a.       Priority packages will not be refused by the Distribution Center, unless the department expecting a priority package sends Distribution Services an e-mail or internal memorandum with refusal directions.


b.      Packages marked with mail slot 545, 542 or 591 only and with no other information, will remain in the Distribution Center for delivery research.  Distribution or Procurement Services staff or both will research these packages in an attempt to determine the correct delivery location.  If a correct delivery location cannot be ascertained, the packaged will be returned to the carrier or vendor in three (3) days.

c.       Packages with only a mail slot number listed on the ship-to label will be accepted, listed on a mail log and forwarded to the mailroom for delivery.  Mailroom personnel will verify the mail log list and accept the packages by signature. The Mailroom personnel will then place the package for pick up in the noted mail slot. Mailroom personnel will return any refused packages to Distribution Services. Return postage for opened refused packages will be charged to the refusing department.  Distribution Services will then return such packages to the vendor.

d.      Packages that have only 4301 West Markham or 800 Cottage Drive with no additional information or packing slip affixed to the outside of the package will be refused by Distribution Services personnel.  The package will be returned to the carrier or vendor at the end of the day.

e.       Packages addressed to non-unique job titles (e.g. UAMS Director or UAMS Doctor) or with only first names and without additional information will be refused by Distribution Services and returned to the carrier or vendor at the end of the day.