NUMBER: 5.1.17
DATE: 10/15/96
REVISION: 05/18/2003 



The purpose of this policy is to establish the conditions under which the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) is allowed to reimburse UAMS employees for personal expenses incurred for job-related expenditures.  This policy also lists the procedures that employees must follow in order to request reimbursement.


Reimbursement to UAMS employees may be made only when the employee is in an emergency situation in which he or she is unable to follow the normal purchase request procedure, if the vendor is unable to accept a purchase order or to issue an invoice, etc.  Employees must contact Procurement Services to verify that the procurement is reimbursable under Arkansas law prior to initiating an on-line requisition if they expect to be reimbursed.  UAMS employees are not authorized to procure commodities without prior approval from UAMS Procurement Services.


Employees requiring the use of personal funds for business expenses must first contact

1.       Procurement Services to explain the problem and to verify that the procurement is reimbursable under Arkansas law.  This process helps to eliminate the procurement of items, which are not reimbursable.  Examples of items for which UAMS may no reimburse include printing under the Amendment 541, Capital Equipment items on mandatory contracts, and items over $5000 which require the use of competitive bidding procedures2.

2.       Employees must complete a Claim for Reimbursement form.  Original receipts must be attached to one of the Claim for Reimbursement forms, and copies of the receipts must be attached to the other copies.

3.       Employees must also complete an on-line SAP purchase request and fax the Claim for Reimbursement form and receipts to their buyer.  When completing the on-line SAP purchase request, employees should enter their name under "Name and Address of Vendor," and their department and/or department phone number under "Vendor Will Ship To."  This indicates where the reimbursement check can be mailed or where the Treasurer's Office can call to notify that the check is ready.

4.       Checks can normally be ready in the Treasurer's Office within a few days.


      UAMS Policy 5.1.10

      UAMS Policy 5.1.01 (2,3,4) and 5.1.03



The Claim for Reimbursement Form is to be used to request reimbursements for expenses only after those expenses have been approved by Procurement Services.  The form must be prepared in quadruplicate with original and copied receipts attached.  These forms must be faxed to the buyer with the requisition number noted.


1)      Date:  Enter the date this claim was made.

2)      Name of Claimant:  Enter the Name of the Person who has incurred the expenses and is making the claim.

3)      Department or Address:  Enter the name of your department or the address where you may be reached.

4)      Date/Receipt Issued By/For/Amount:  Using a new row for each receipt, enter the information requested in each column.

             Date:  Enter the date on the issued receipt.

             Receipt Issued By:  Enter the name of the place

             For:  Enter the name of the item purchased.

5)      Total - Receipts Attached:  Enter the sum of each of the amounts listed under the "Amount" column.

6)      Signature of Claimant:  Enter the signature of the claimant listed in procedure #2 above.

7)    Charge to Account #:  Enter the account number which will be billed for your expense.