NUMBER: 4.6.10
DATE: 07/01/91



The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), in conformance with Act 1077 of 1979, Uniform Attendance and Leave Policy, and the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees' Policy 420.1 Leave Policies for Academic and other Non-classified Personnel and 420.2 Leave Policies for Classified Employees including patient care, and has established clearly defined uniform procedures under which educational leave may be granted and taken.  The purpose of this policy is to inform all departments within UAMS of these procedures so that uniformity can be established throughout the campus.


1)      An employee of UAMS requesting educational leave must obtain approval from the University of Arkansas President.  Employees requesting such leave must first submit the request in writing to the appropriate director or academic head of their department.  Upon departmental approval, the request shall be forwarded to the appropriate division Dean, Executive Director or Vice Chancellor for division-level approval, and the division administrator shall then submit the approved request to the UAMS Chancellor for campus approval prior to forwarding it to the University President.  Leave policies are different for Classified and Non-Classified patient care (see (2) below) and for Academic and Other Non-Classified Personnel (see (3) below).

2)      Classified and Non-Classified Patient Care: A permanent employee may be granted educational leave by the President of the University on the following basis:

1.      The employee will continue in the service of the University for a period of time as statutorily required or in the absence of a specific law, at least twice the length of his or her course of training. Any employee who does not fulfill these obligations shall be required to pay to the University the total cost or a proportionate share of the cost of the out-service training and compensation paid during the training period.                                                    

2.      A written contract setting forth all terms of the agreement shall be signed by the employee and the President or Chancellor. The employee shall retain all rights in the position held at the time when the leave was granted or in one of comparable security and pay. 

3.      The amount of salary paid during the training period will be agreed upon by the employee and the President or Chancellor but may not in any case exceed the regular salary paid the employee. Payments for tuition, fees, books, and transportation may be made only if such sums have been specifically appropriated by the General Assembly for such purposes.

3)      Academic and Other Non-Classified Personnel:

1.      Leave-of-Absence Without Pay: The President of the University is authorized to grant leaves-of-absence without pay for a period not to exceed one year.                                                                                                          

2.      Vacation Leave for Graduate Study:  Vacation leave for graduate study may be granted to otherwise eligible employees under the following terms:                                                                

a)      Accrued vacation with pay may, if used for graduate study, be accumulated for two calendar years preceding the date of the leave if it is used by January 1 of the third year.                                        

b)      Permission to carry over such credit must be requested in writing by the employee and approved by the President in advance of the commencement of vacation accrual. The President may approve a modified application of the regulation where circumstances warrant not to exceed the earned vacation allowance for two years.