NUMBER: 4.6.08
DATE: 07/01/91



The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), in conformance with Act 1077 of 1979, Uniform Attendance and Leave Policy, and the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees' University-wide Administrative Memorandum 435.3, Leave Policy for Classified Employees, has established clearly defined uniform procedures under which leaves of absences may be granted and taken.  The purpose of this policy is to inform all departments within UAMS of these procedures so that uniformity can be established throughout the campus.


  1. Employees requesting extended personal leave for reasons other than maternity, extended illness, injury or disability must obtain approval from the University of Arkansas President. Employees requesting such leave of absence must submit the request in writing to the appropriate director or academic head of the department.  Upon departmental approval, the request shall be forwarded to the appropriate division Dean, Executive Director or Vice Chancellor for division-level approval, and the division administrator shall then submit the approved request to the UAMS Chancellor for campus approval prior to forwarding it to the University President. 

  2. The President may grant an employee's written request for a leave of absence without pay not to exceed six months, unless granted in accordance with the provisions of military leave. 1  Employees must submit requests for leave of absence in sufficient time to secure approval prior to the employee's departure.

  3. Employees requesting extended leave of absence without pay for reasons of maternity, extended illness, injury or disability may obtain approval from their department or division director without further approval from the University President.  Employees requesting such leave of absence must obtain approval from their immediate supervisor and their department director, or division Dean, Executive Director or Vice Chancellor.  The department or division director may grant a leave of absence without pay for the above types of leaves for a period not to exceed six months.

  4. Departments should change the employee’s status to leave with or without pay in SAP and also indicate the employees expected date of return.

  5. Employees on extended leave of absence without pay will retain the same review month, but their next scheduled salary increase should be delayed by the number of months of unpaid leave.

  6. Employees shall not be granted leave without pay, except for maternity purposes, until all accumulated annual leave has been exhausted.  Also, employees on leave of absence without pay cannot accumulate annual leave, , or receive pay for legal holidays.  Employees may still be covered under most benefit plans, and should contact the 0HR office to make payment arrangements.  Departments will be charged for the department’s normal share of benefits while the employee is on LOA.

  7. Maternity leave will be treated as any other leave for sickness or disability; however, employees unable to work because of        pregnancy may elect to request a leave of absence without pay, without exhausting accumulated annual leave.  However, the department should not put them on leave without pay, until they have used all the accumulated leave they intend to use, unless they also change their percent time.  A change in percent time may have an adverse affect on their benefit costs.  The departments or employee should contact OHR if they have questions regarding paying leave for maternity leave-s.

  8. Departments are responsible for informing employees of the conditions contained in this policy prior to their departure on a leave of absence without pay.

  9. Employees eligible for FMLA may have other rights that are covered in policy 4.6.11, Family Medical Leave Act▓.

  10. When an employee returns from their leave of absence they should return to their same or comparable job


4.6.05 Military Leave

4.6.11 Family Medical Leave Act