NUMBER: 4.6.03
DATE: 04/05/96
REVISION: 11/16/2005 


The State of Arkansas and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), in conformance with the Arkansas Code Annotated 21-4-201 and OPM policy 105.3 and the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy Statement 420.1 and 420.2. have established uniform procedures under which sick leave may be granted and taken. The purpose of this policy is to inform all departments within UAMS of these procedures so that uniformity can be established throughout the campus.


(1)        All regular, probationary, provisional, and part-time University employees who work 20 hours or more per week shall accrue sick leave.  Paid sick leave shall not be granted as vacation leave, and can only be used when the employee is unable to work because of sickness or injury, or for medical, dental or optical treatment.  Sick leave may not be borrowed from future credits or advanced beyond actual accrual, regardless of length of service.

        Sick leave may be granted to employees due to the death or serious illness of a member of the employee’s immediate family.  The term “immediate family” shall mean the father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, child, grandparent, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, or any other person acting as a parent or guardian of an employee. The department head may grant sick leave for death or family illness in an amount which is reasonable for the circumstances.1

        All eligible, full-time employees shall accrue sick leave at the rate of eight hours for each complete month of service, up to a maximum of 960 hours or 120 days.  Eligible employees working less than full time but 20 hours per week or more shall accrue sick leave in the same proportion to time worked as shown on SAP Infotype 0007.  Sick leave may not be accumulated during a leave without pay when such leave totals ten or more days within a calendar month. Accrued amounts of sick may be seen in SAP on infotype 2006 and by running transaction PT50.

        Sick leave shall be granted on a basis of workdays rather than calendar days.  Used sick leave shall be deducted from the employee’s accrued sick leave in increments of not less than 15 minutes (.25 hours).  Days off such as weekends and holidays falling within a period of sick leave will not be charged as sick leave Timekeepers may post sick hours to Accutime (Kronos) as
        SICK, for normal sickness or bereavement time
        SICKF, if hours will be counted toward allotment for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Use of sick leave can be seen in Kronos and in  SAP on infotype 2013 (monthly), infotype 2010 (biweekly), and by running transaction PT50.
(5)        Employees absent due to illness or disability, except for reasons of maternity leave, shall be charged for leave according to the following order:

a) Earned Sick Leave
Earned Annual Leave (At the discretion of the department head. See UAMS Procedure 4.6.04, Annual Leave)
Catastrophic Leave, if applicable
Leave Without Pay   Any time off, paid or unpaid, may qualify as “Family Medical Leave” (FMLA) or may be declared FMLA by the University.2

Employees using five (5) or more consecutive days of sick leave must furnish a certificate from an attending physician to their department director or other appropriate department head. Employees absent for reasons of sickness who have exhausted all sick leave may be denied use of earned annual leave, at the discretion of the department head, if abuse of sick leave is suspected. A physician's certificate may also be required in instances where abuse of sick leave is suspected.

Employees absent from work due to a temporary occupational injury or illness, and who are entitled to Worker's Compensation Benefits, may utilize their accrued sick leave, upon proper application, as a supplement to Worker's Compensation and receive weekly benefits from both sources. These combined benefits may be equal to, but not in excess of, the employee's normal weekly pay at the time of injury or onset of illness. This option will reduce accrued sick leave on a basis proportional to the sick leave pay being claimed. Employees receiving Worker's Compensation Benefits for a permanent disability are eligible for full pay from both sources. 4

 Maternity leave will be treated as any other leave for sickness or disability. An employee who is unable to work because of pregnancy may use accumulated sick leave, annual leave, or may save such time off and be placed on leave without pay.

(9) Employees transferring to another State agency or institution may transfer accrued sick leave. Employees laid off due to budgetary reasons or curtailment of University activities may have all accrued sick leave restored to their credit if they return to University employment within six months. Leave may also be donated to the Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank.3

(10) Non-classified employees who leave state employment are not entitled to be paid for accrued sick leave. Classified employees who either retire or die while employed shall be paid for unused accumulated sick leave as follows:

a) For purposes of this policy, “retirement”  is the separation from active employment by an employee whose combined age and years of state service equals “70” or greater.

b) accumulated sick leave of 50 days (400 hours) to 60 days (480 hours), the employee shall receive 50% of the number of days/hours times 50% of his daily/hourly rate.

c) accumulated sick leave of 60 days (481 hours) to 70 days (560 hours), the employee shall receive 60% of the number of days/hours times 60% of his daily/hourly rate.

d)  accumulated sick leave of 70 days (561 hours) to 80 days (640 hours), the employee shall receive 70% of the number of days/hours times 70% of his daily/hourly rate.

e)  accumulated sick leave of more than 80 days (641 hours), the employee shall receive 80% of the number of days/hours times 80% of his daily/hourly rate.

f) The total amount paid cannot exceed seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500).

g) Departments will make requests for payment to the Office of Human Resources, who will verify eligibility, calculate the amount, and forward such to Finance/Payroll for payment.

Managers or employees with questions regarding bereavement or sick leave should contact the Office of Human Resources at 686-5650.


1         OPM Policy 105.3, Uniform Attendance and Leave Policy Act

2         UAMS Policy 4.6.11,Family Medical Leave

3         UAMS Policy 4.6.07,Catastrophic Leave

4         UAMS Policy 4.1.08, Worker’s Compensation