NUMBER: 4.5.28
DATE: 06/14/04



The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences will utilize its own employees where ever possible.  In instances where a department determines that contracting for a  function to be performed by a third-party company is practical and cost effective,  a contract will be written and approved according to UAMS policies. 1  Likewise, a department may appoint a non-employee to a Visiting Faculty  Appointment.2

Employees of another company or institution (“non-employee”) are not UAMS employees and do not fall under any aspect of employment law, regulations, or policies.  However, non-employees need various campus privileges in order to function effectively; further, UAMS demands that non-employees follow basic UAMS policies, including the Code of Conduct.  The department who supervises the contracting company will be the “sponsoring department” for all of the company’s employees who require campus privileges and ensure that these policies are followed.


1.      Sponsoring departments will use the SAP transaction “Non-Employee Basic Data” enter into SAP basic demographic information on each non-employee , including  name, Social Security number, employing company and its address, start and end dates of campus presence, work phone, work location, mail #.  A form  (page 3) to gather this information may be helpful. 


2.      Information on the non-employee database will be shared with  UAMS Police, ID Badge system, Library, Clinical Information Systems, Telecommunications/Mailroom and others as applicable so that services can be provided – ID Badge, domain privileges, listing in the on-line telephone directory, and so forth.


3.      UAMS departments will grant privileges according to general guidelines.  Non-employees may be required to sign Confidentiality Agreement3, parking rules, or other agreements normally signed by UAMS employees.


4.      Non-employees may be required to attend UAMS New Employee Orientation, as applicable to employees in the Division where they are sponsored.  They must adhere to the Employee Basic Code of Conduct4 , Inclement Weather policy5, Employee Separation Procedure6, and other policies as specified by the sponsoring department.


5.      Non-employees may also be required to consent to Drug Testing7 and Criminal Background Testing8Sponsoring departments may obtain these from the contracted company or use UAMS facilities to accomplish.  The sponsoring department must pay the cost of tests performed by UAMS facilities.


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Print form from word file NON - EMPLOYEE INFORMATION

Sponsoring departments are responsible for entering non-employee information into SAP, using PA40, “Non Employee Basic Data”. This form may be used if helpful to the department.  UAMS privileges will not be granted to any non-employee unless and until the non-employee is in SAP database.