NUMBER: 4.2.04
DATE: 09/01/00
REVISION: 7-15-2006 








The State of Arkansas, the Department of Finance & Administration (DF&A), and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) have clarified the uniform conditions under which employees may be compensated for working less desirable evenings or night hours. 1 The purpose of this policy is to inform all departments within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of these conditions so that uniformity can be established.

General instructions for the use of SAP/HR are found in the manual “Personnel Administration for Department Users”, at the UAMS Enterprise website:

General instructions for use of Accutime (Kronos) are found in the Kronos training manual


1.   Eligibility for shift differential is created by the Office of Human Resources (OHR) from applicable State laws and OPM regulation. All employees within an eligible classification may be paid shift differential. A different rate of shift pay may be established for each job classification.

a) Exempt (“salaried”) positions shall not receive shift differential, including positions with “Payscale Area” designations of “Administrative”, “Faculty”, “Other Academic”, and “Housestaff”.  Such information is shown in SAP/HR on infotype 0008, Basic Pay.

b) Non-Classified Patient Care positions with “Payscale Area” designations of “Nurses” and “Other Health Care shall receive a shift differential of 14% or 20% or as designated by the Chancellor.

c) Classified positions with “Payscale Area” designation of “Classified” shall receive a shift differential of 10%, unless such positions are approved by the Chancellor for a differential rate up to 15% as positions providing critical and emergency support for the clinical and physical operations of UAMS.

2.   Shift differential is paid only on hours worked, as defined in Administrative Guide 4.2.01, Overtime compensation. Shift differential is not paid on hours not worked, such as vacation, sick, holiday, comp time and other time off.

3.   Hours to be paid at differential rates vary by classification. For those employees routinely using Accutime (Kronos) to clock IN and OUT, the system automatically determines when shift rules are met and generates hours to be paid as paycode SHIFTDIFF 5.5, SHIFTDIFF 14, SHIFTDIFF 20, or other as appropriate:

    •  Non-Classified Patient Care staff will be paid shift differential on all hours worked after 2:30 p.m. when at least the majority of their working hours lie within the shift window. Accutime (Kronos) reflects this as an OUT punch occurring at or after 9 PM.

    • Classified staff will be paid shift differential on all hours worked ONLY when a full 8 hour shift is worked within the shift window. Accutime (Kronos) reflects this as an OUT punch occurring at or after 10:30 PM. Sixteen hour shifts may be considered as two 8 hour shifts, with shift differential being paid if either or both shifts begin at 2:30 p.m. or later. Ten and 12 hour shifts must be treated as a whole, and, if the shift begins at 2:30 p.m. or later, shift differential may be paid on all hours.

      For employees who do not clock IN and OUT, the department timekeeper must manually determine which hours are too paid at differential and manually add hours at one of the paycodes listed above.

4.   Employees regularly assigned to a rotating shift may be compensated at the shift differential premium for only those hours actually worked on an evening or night shift. Accutime (Kronos) will automatically determine the shift rules and generate the appropriate pay codes.

5.   Shift differential payments are not included in line item maximum calculations.

1 Act 410 of 1977 and subsequent acts
2 Administrative Guide, 4.2.01, Overtime Compensation