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Director's Message

When in the course of evolution, a living species becomes threatened by the forces of eradication

When the threat of extinction haunts it from every side of existence

When the core of its existence rebels against its structure

When the threat from within masks any outer threat

It becomes imperative that the species takes matters into its own hands and simplistically attempt to alter the course of Evolution

We hold these facts to be self-explanatory, that all beings are born with the capacity to sense their universe, that they are endowed by their genetic makeup to interact with their surroundings, to live and survive, to act and react, to be part of the life cycle...

We the Human Race have taken it upon ourselves to dig deep and explore wide, sometimes in search of survival and sometimes simply to satisfy an innate curiosity... We explore the outer universe in a statement of our majesty and probe the inner universe in research of our identity. Our imagination is the limit and the Truth is our guide.

We shall continue our Research until the day our basic components merge with the essence of the universe and we become one in the body of our maker.

We invite you to browse through the pages of this site and let us know if you found what you came looking for and how we can improve.

Elie Al-Chaer

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