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Center for Pain Research (CPR TM)

The Center for Pain Research, CPRTM, was founded in 2002 by Dr. Al-Chaer. Its primary goal is to develop a deeper understanding from a patient's perspective of chronic pain symptoms and the best conventional and unconventional approaches to alleviate the pain. It is a consortium of research facilities specialized in the neurobiology of pain and related biobehavior.

CPRTM's mission is to facilitate the process of interdisciplinary integration in pain research, lead to better venues of communication, and hopefully yield a better understanding of the complex pathophysiologies involved in pain management. The goals of this center are to advance pain management within UAMS and Arkansas, educate the public about conventional and alternative therapies for pain, develop an advanced curriculum for biomedical trainees interested in pain research and management, and reach out to the community at large to foster awareness of pain and the venues of its management.

Dr. Al-Chaer's vision for the center is to be the nucleus of a multi-center consortium on pain that will bring together pain researchers and clinicians from all over the USA and develop into a "Global Pain Web" that will bring together pain centers and pain scientists from around the world. The mission of this global pain consortium will be to heighten pain awareness, streamline pain studies and maximize support for pain research and management. The hope is that this web would translate one day to a trans-National forum for a dialogue on pain between all parties involved.


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