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What's New

Added 7-7-08

  n 2009 Holiday Calendar (contained in policy 4.6.02 - Holidays).

  n Revised Ethical Conduct/Gift Policy (Also see Section 2, Admin

     Policy 4.4.09)

  n Direct Costing Policy (new guidance on determining direct vs. indirect costs

      for grants)

Added 6-6-08

  n Information Security and Password Management Policy (Admin Policy 7.3.08)

  n Conflict of Interest for Academic Staff Members (Admin Policy 4.4.10).

  n Committee on Clinical Research (Admin Policy 12.1.07)

  n Review and Approval of UAMS Clinical Research by the UAMS Committee
     on Clinical Research
(Admin Policy 12.1.08)

  n Revised [PHI] Minimum Necessary Policy (Admin Guide 3.1.25)

  n Revised Use and Disclosure of PHI and Medical Records (Admin Guide 3.1.28)

Added 4-31-08

  n Search this site! A search engine limited to this faculty resources site is

      located in the top, left corner of this page.

  n 2007 Unofficial Fill in the Gaps Faculty and Resident Handbook, College

    of Medicine

  n Student Wellness Program link (previously, Student Mental Health Service)



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