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7.       UAMS HIPAA Policies and Services

Accounting for Disclosure (Admin Guide 3.1.26)

Business Associate Policy (Admin Guide 3.1.33)

Confidentiality Policy (Admin Guide 3.1.15)

Creating Revision of UAMS Policies Involving HIPAA Administrative, Security or Privacy Requirements (Admin Guide 3.1.39)

De Identification of Protected Health Information and Limited Data Set Information (Admin Guide 3.1.31)

Faxing of PHI or Other Confidential Information (Admin Guide 3.1.19)

HIPAA Education and Training (Admin Guide 3.1.30)

HIPAA Research Policy (Admin Guide 3.1.27)

Information Access or Transfers and Terminations (Admin Guide 3.1.41)

Minimum Necessary Policy (Admin Guide 3.1.25) REVISED 10-1-07

Mitigation of Uses/Disclosures in Violation of HIPAA (Admin Guide 3.1.22)

Mobile Device Safeguards (Admin Guide 3.1.17)

Notice of Privacy Practices (Admin Guide 3.1.21)

Patient Information Restriction Requests (Admin Guide 3.1.34)

Patient Request to Amend Medical Records or PHI (Admin Guide 3.1.32)

Policy on Use of PHI for Fundraising (Admin Guide 3.1.35)

Psychotherapy Notes Policy (Admin Guide 3.1.24)

Request for Alternative Method of Communications of Protected Health Information (Admin Guide 3.1.18)

Releasing of Patient Directory Information (Admin Guide 3.1.20)

Reporting of HIPAA Violations (Admin Guide 3.1.23)

Request for Extracts (Admin Guide 3.1.29)

Safeguarding Protected Health Information (Admin Guide 3.1.38)

Use and Disclosure of PHI and Medical Records (Admin Guide 3.1.28) REVISED 9-20-07

Use of PHI for Marketing (Admin Guide 3.1.36)

Verification of Identity (Admin Guide 3.1.37)

Working from Home (Admin Guide 3.1.40)


Assistance and more information is available through the UAMS HIPAA Office (http://hipaa.uams.edu/).

A complete listing of HIPAA and HIPAA-related policies can be found

in the General Administration section (3.1) of the UAMS Administrative





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