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4.       UAMS Employment Policies, Procedures and Services

Affirmative Action (Admin Policy 4.5.01)

Americans with Disabilities Act (Admin Policy 3.1.12)

Anti-Discrimination (Admin Policy 3.1.10)

Basic Code of Conduct (Admin Policy 4.4.01)

Bookstore Services (Admin Policy 11.1.07)

Campus Motor Pool Vehicle Checkout (Admin Policy 11.1.06)

Career Service Recognition Award (Admin Policy 4.2.08)

Compensatory Time (Admin Policy 4.2.02)

Drug-Free Workplace (Admin Policy 4.4.05)

Excess Effort Hours (Admin Policy 4.2.11)

Flex Schedules (Admin Policy 4.2.03)

Garnishment and Salary Liens (Admin Memorandum 440.9)

Garnishment and Salary Lien Procedure (Admin Policy 4.3.09)

Information Security and Password Management Policy (Admin Policy 7.3.08) NEW!

Keys Requests and Transfers (Admin Policy 11.1.04)

Personal Data Change (Admin Policy 4.5.15)

Post Employment Medical Screening (Admin Policy 4.5.18)

Space Heaters, Use of (Admin Policy 11.3.21)

Substance Abuse (Admin Policy 4.4.06)

Travel and Reimbursement (Admin Policy Section 8.4)

UAMS ID Badge Issuance and Replacement (Admin Policy 11.3.05)

Use of University Facilities (Admin Memorandum 715.1)

Use of Roofs and Exterior Walls (Admin Memorandum 720.1)

Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (Admin Policy 11.3.07)


 A complete listing of Employment Policies in the UAMS Administrative Guide may be found at http://uams.edu/AdminGuide/index.html#Human%20Resources




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