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Faculty Resources

UAMS Campus Policies in the Administrative Guide

2.       Selected Policies Governing Faculty Service and Responsibilities

Academic Visitor Status for UAMS Campus (with Appointment Form) (Admin Policy 12.0.00)

Conflict of Interest for Academic Staff Members (Admin Policy 4.4.10) NEW!

COM Faculty Grievance Procedure (June, 2006)

Distribution of Royalties From Patents, Copyrights and Licenses (Admin Policy 12.1.05)

Drug Testing (Admin Policy 3.1.14)

Early Retirement of Tenured Faculty (Admin Memorandum 430.2)

Employee Assistance Program (Admin Policy 3.1.09)

Employee Basic Code of Conduct (Admin Policy 4.4.01)

Ethical Conduct/Gift Policy (Admin Policy 4.4.09) REVISED!

Ethical Standards in Research (Admin Policy 12.1.04)

Extra Compensation (Admin Memorandum 440.2)

Honorariums (Admin Guide 5.1.06)

Implementation of Board Policy on Political Activity (Admin Memorandum 455.1)

Lump Sum Terminal Pay (Admin Memorandum 440.4)

Media Relations (UAMS Medical Center) (Admin Policy 14.01.01)

Outside Employment for Faculty and Staff members for Compensation (Admin Memorandum 440.7)

Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest

Services for "Non-Employees" (Academic Visitors) (Admin Policy 4.5.28)

Substance Abuse Policy (Admin Policy 4.4.06)

UAMS Institutional Policy on the Use of Copyrighted Materials (Admin Memorandum 12.0.2)

Voluntary Early Retirement for Non-Tenured Faculty and Staff (Admin Policy 4.1.16)


The complete UAMS Administrative Guide may be found at http://uams.edu/AdminGuide/index.html



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