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UAMS Faculty Resources


          General information about the UA System, its campuses and

          affiliates, the UA Board of Trustees and UA System directory.

B.      ABOUT UAMS ( University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)

          General information, mission and vision statements, the

          UAMS organizational chart, a brief history of UAMS and

          link to the Chancellor's Office, campus reports, and maps.

C.      Policies - links to the official policy sources for both UA

         policies enacted by the Board of Trustees, and university-

         specific policies approved by campus leaders for UAMS


1.      UA Board of Trustees Policy Statements Governing

         Faculty Service
2.      UAMS Policies Governing Faculty Service
3.      UAMS Leave Policies
4.      UAMS Employment Policies, Procedures and Services
5.      UAMS Immigration Policies and Services
6.      UAMS Policies Concerning Equal Employment
         Opportunities and Student Records

7.      UAMS HIPAA Policies and Services
8.      UAMS Policies on Research and Grant Awards

D. Diversity
E. Support Units and Services / Educational Support Policies
F. UAMS Alumni, Fraternal and Professional Organizations


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For more information contact:

Office of Academic Affairs

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

4301 West Markham St., #598

Little Rock, AR  72205

501-296-1275 (tel)

501-686-6035 (fax)



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