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Campus Fine-O-Meter Box Locations
This map of the campus shows all locations of the Fine-O-Meter boxes.

Contractor / Vendor Parking Rates
This web page lists long term contractor/vendor parking in for specific lots on UAMS.

EasyRider Program Overview
General Information
Alternative, Green, and Sustainable are all common words used to describe transportation that makes a positive contribution to the environment both socially and economically. UAMS Parking Operations is committed in offering various alternative transportation options specific to the UAMS environment. We are working towards a mix that offers opportunities to save on fuel expense and parking fees while ultimately creating a more sustainable campus.

Transportation has become a significant issue on the UAMS Campus as well as other campuses around the country. UAMS Parking Operations would like to challenge UAMS employees to consider other less traditional options. Currently, incentives are being offered to UAMS EasyRider registered carpools.

Electric Car Charging Stations
In an ongoing effort to promote Alternative Transportation, Parking Operations has installed its first electric charging station allowing patients, visitors and staff to recharge their green vehicles while on the UAMS Campus.

The charging station is located along the south wall of the A Level on the Parking 2 deck. Two vehicles can be charged at the same time. UAMS Parking Operations will consider adding additional charging stations if the demand increases.

Currently, there is no fee for the use of the charging station. However, the hourly parking rates will apply.

Employee Parking Rates
This web page lists the employee parking rates for the open lots and desk parking. Free parking options are also offered at UAMS.

Engineering and Operations Request Forms and Information
This web page contains various Engineering and Operations department forms, policies and related web links.

Fleet Management Information
General Information
UAMS Fleet Management currently manages all UAMS owned vehicles. Our goal is to focus on improved cost effectiveness and efficiencies to the UAMS sites. Fleet Management partners with Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration for state required reporting, new vehicle acquisitions and the disposal of vehicles that are no longer required.

UAMS Fleet Management oversees various types of vehicles ranging from light passenger vehicles and pickups, to various sized box trucks as well as a mobile medical facility. These vehicles are used to serve all UAMS sites across the state.

Occupational Health and Safety Request Forms and Information
This web page contains various Occupational Health and Safety forms, policies and related web links.

Operational Support Services Request Forms and Information
This web page contains various Operational Support Services forms, policies and related web links.

Parking Operations Request Forms and Information
This web page contains various UAMS Parking Operations forms, policies and related web links.

Parking Violation Fine Rates
This web page lists the fines for the UAMS parking related violations.

Patient and Guest Parking Information
This web page shows the parking rates for patient and guest parking including locations to park.

Police Request Forms and Policies
This web page contains various UAMS Police department forms, policies and related web links.

Shuttles and Maps
General Information
Parking Operations manages the UAMS shuttle system. Our goal is to provide convenient and efficient shuttle service for our customers. Standard shuttle service is provided Monday - Friday 4:30 a.m. 11:45 p.m.

We have provided maps of the bus shuttle routes for morning, standard and afternoons.

Night Shuttle service is available by calling 779-3616. This route does not run continuously. The shuttle parks in front of the main Hospital and runs based on customer need until 11:45 pm. Should the need to be shuttled arise after 11:45 pm, please contact the UAMS Police Department at 686-7777.

All routes are in service Monday - Friday. Shuttle buses are not in service during weekends and holidays but several options are available for employees who work during those times. Please contact Parking Operations for more information.

Student Parking Information
Parking Operations has included detailed student parking information that will answer most of student parking questions. This information includes where are the free parking locations, registered student parking locations, shuttle bus routes & bus locator and the bicycle rack locations.

Included on this web page is a link to view the details, rates, locations and hours of paid student parking areas.

Student Parking Rates
This web page lists the student parking rates for the dormitory resident lot parking.

UPark Administrative Forms
A collection of the UPark request forms to a single location for easier access.

UAMS Weather Station
This web page shows the current temperature and weather map right here at UAMS. This includes the hourly weather history summary and graph for any selected day (defaults to today).

Utility Status and Outages
UAMS Scheduled Outages displays details about any active or planned outages with an opportunity to view / download any related files about the specific outage.