UAMS UPark System Validations

UAMS UPark Validation
Parking Operations is very excited about the implementation of the new electronic validation system which gives the departments the control and monitor their parking validations. U-Park Validation uses eNet, a web-based parking validation system.

U-Park Validation users have an icon directly on their desktop. The U-Park validator can enter or scan the parking ticket number located on the ticket, select an account, and validate the ticket. In addition, departments will now be able to run reports and monitor charges. Please review current courtesy accounts to verify funding and contact information. We also ask that you identify those who you wish to process validations in order to assure that the validator receives proper training and access to the system prior to implementation.

New User Training
U-Park Validation Training is available and records your training to the Training Tracker. All validators are required to complete the training course prior to receiving access to U-Park Validation.

Administrator Tools

  • How to create a New User
  • Adding an Existing User to an Existing Account
  • How to create a new Validation Account?
  • Validation Scanners
    • Departments can purchase validation scanners for $225.00 each. To request a scanner, please email us with your request.
  • Reports