Blazing Star - Employee of the Month

Joe Smith USA

Our Blazing Star for the
month of June is:
Joe Smith USA

Joe Smith USA has demonstrated behaviors that consistently provide a quality hygienic cleanliness to ensure a clean environment and to minimize the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Our cleaning standards support National APPA Metric quality assurance principles and follow Joint Commission's and OSHA's guidelines.

Joe Smith USA demonstrates the ability to be a self-reliant worker. This associate has implemented the objectives of Campus Environmental Services:

  • Produce a germ-free and hygienic environment
  • Provide efficient processes and services
  • Provide a hygienic system where outcomes are measured
  • Reduce cost by utilizing resources efficiently
  • Utilize national healthcare standards for best cleaning practices
  • Maintain and create healthy relationships with customers, students, staff, and, patients

Our Blazing Star demonstrates all the services and qualities below:

  • Friendliness, thoughtfulness and dependability
  • Duties performed in a professional manner and positive role model
  • Ability to work with others and takes pride in job performance
  • An exemplary representative of the department

Joe Smith USA helps Campus Environmental Services lead the way in environmental cleanliness throughout the nation by incorporating research to measure and find optimal ways to minimize germs and by integrating hi-tech training programs to effectively educate our staff to become "Self-reliant Workers" who certify a clean facility for students, faculty administration, staff, patients, and visitors.