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UAMS Utility Status and Outages

Campus Operations Utility Status and Outages informs you at a glance of the current status of the utilities located on the UAMS main campus.

By viewing the 8 Traffic Lights across the top, you will be able to tell at a glance of the status of each of the UAMS Campus utilities.

Hot issues are those that come up unexpectedly and are happening now. They are shown with a Red Traffic Light. Clicking a corresponding link in the Hot Issues area will provide additional details about the hot issue.

Scheduled / Planned Outages currently affecting our utilities are recognized with an Amber Traffic Light. Details on these Scheduled Outages and known future Scheduled Outages will be found under the Scheduled Outages area.

By clicking on any of these Scheduled Outages links, additional details will be presented along with an opportunity to view / download any related files.

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