NUMBER: 11.3.07
DATE: 03/07/2002
REVISION: 10/11/2004, 9/1/2007



Healthcare workers face a significant risk of job-related violence. The following policy provides a means of addressing workplace violence.


All UAMS patients, visitors, employees, faculty and staff


The safety and security of personnel, patients and visitors is of vital importance. Acts or threats of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment or coercion, which occur on UAMS property will not be tolerated.

This prohibition against threats and acts of violence applies to all persons involved, including but not limited to UAMS personnel, contract and temporary personnel, patients and visitors. A violation of this policy by any individual on UAMS property is considered gross misconduct and will lead to disciplinary and/or legal action.

No reprisals will be taken against any employee who reports or experiences workplace violence.


A.  Activation

LEVEL I Workplace Violence-Attempted or threatened conduct of a person that is likely to endanger the health and safety of a UAMS employee patient or visitor. This includes threatening statements, harassment, or other behavior that gives an employee patient or visitor reasonable cause to believe that their health and safety is at risk.

1.      Campus Personnel: Personnel shall immediately report any LEVEL I acts or threats of violence occurring on UAMS property to their supervisor.

2.      Supervisors/Managers: The responsible manager shall respond to the area, and attempt to deescalate the situation. If necessary, they will call UAMS Police at 686-7777 or local police authorities in areas not served by UAMS Police for assistance. When employees are involved, disciplinary action may be taken as appropriate and in accordance with the (Administrative Policy 4.4.02)1. When patients are involved in acts of violence toward staff, the responsible CSM or Clinical Service Manager notifies UAMS Risk Management for disposition/resolution.

Level II Workplace Violence-Physical violence of any type, including pushing shoving or other conduct of a person that is likely to endanger the health and safety of a UAMS employee patient or visitor.

1.      Campus Personnel: Personnel shall immediately report any LEVEL II acts of violence occurring on UAMS property to their supervisor and UAMS Police Department by calling 686-7777 or local police authorities as appropriate.

2.      UAMS Police:The UAMS Police or local police authorities for areas not served by UAMS Police, shall immediately respond to the area, and deescalate the situation. 

3.      Supervisors/Managers:  When employees are involved, disciplinary action may be taken as appropriate and in accordance with Administrative Policy 4.4.02.


1.      All UAMS Personnel: UAMS personnel must refrain from engaging in acts of violence and are responsible for maintaining a work environment free from acts or threats of violence. All employees shall be held accountable for reporting incidents of violence through appropriate channels.

2.      UAMS Safety Committee: The UAMS Safety Coordinating Committee is responsible for the overall implementation and maintenance of the Campus’ Workplace Violence Prevention Plan. Safety Committee members include representatives from the following departments: Occupational Health and Safety, Physical Plant, Radiology, Pathology, Nursing, Emergency Medicine, UAMS Police, CHRP, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, Psychiatry, Out patient Services and College of Medicine.

3.      Duties of the Safety Committee include, but are not limited to, improving the Campus’ readiness to address workplace violence by:

a)      Reviewing past incidents of violence on the UAMS campus.

b)      Reviewing Campus readiness to respond to issues of workplace violence.

c)      Developing an expertise among appropriate members of management regarding issues of workplace violence.

d)     Establishing liaison with local law enforcement and emergency services.

e)      Training UAMS personnel.

f)       The Safety Committee may assign all or some of these tasks to other UAMS employees.  The Safety Committee remains ultimately responsible for implementing and maintenance of the Campus Workplace Violence Prevention Plan.

4.  Managers and Supervisors: Managers are responsible for the following

a)      Workplace violence prevention training for personnel under their supervision. Training may be scheduled by contacting UAMS Police or Staff Education.

b)      Managers and supervisors are encouraged to report all incidents of violence, and to follow-up on violence related incidents, including completion of disciplinary action for involved employees when appropriate.

c)      Contract services personnel working on UAMS premises shall be informed of Workplace Violence Prevention requirements by contracting department prior to doing any actual work on UAMS premises.


1. The UAMS prevention program for workplace security includes the following:

a) Regular security and safety assessments of the UAMS campus;
b) Certified Police Officers to provide security;
c) Adequate security systems including door locks, security windows, physical barriers and restraint systems;
d) Employee training;
e) Effective systems to warn others of a security danger or to summon assistance (i.e., panic buttons).


Employees, patients and visitors who have been victims of workplace violence should be referred to the appropriate source for medical care when needed. Employees may receive immediate physical evaluations and treatment for acute injuries in accordance with UAMS Administrative Policy 11.4.01. Referrals may be made for appropriate evaluation, treatment, counseling and assistance both at the time of the incident and for any follow-up treatment necessary at the discretion of the supervisor/manger.


Recordkeeping is used to provide information for analysis; evaluation of methods of control, severity determinations, and training needs and program evaluations.

1.      Recordkeeping may include any or all of the following:

a)      Completion of the UAMS Uniform Police Report for all incidents including: 

1.      All incidents of abuse, verbal attacks or aggressive behavior;

2.      All incidents resulting in injury;

b)       Completion of the UAMS Incident and Injury Report form (Administrative Policy 11.4.01)2 for all incidents involving an employee, a student or a visitor including:

1.   All incidents resulting in injury;

c)      Completion of the Confidential Variance Report form (Hospital Policy ML.1.04)3, or other variance form as appropriate to your department, for all incidents involving a patient including:

1.   All incidents of abuse, verbal attacks or aggressive behavior;

2.   All incidents resulting in injury;

d)     Workers’ Compensation and insurance records if indicated;

e)      Safety Committee Minutes and inspections are kept in accordance with requirements; and

f)       Training program contents and sign-in sheets of all attendees are maintained.

g)   Employee disciplinary notice where applicable.


1UAMS Administrative Policy 4.4.02
2UAMS Administrative Policy 11.4.01
3Hospital Policy ML.1.04


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