NUMBER:      8.3.15                                                                             DATE: 08/23/2004           

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  FINANCE DEPARTMENT                                                                            




  APPLYING FOR GRANT FUNDS WITH VA/UAMS  APPOINTMENTS                                                            



The purpose of this policy is to enforce appropriate salary recovery on extramural grant applications and awards when faculty effort and salary are shared with the Veterans Affairs (VA).


(1) Faculty with joint UAMS/VA appointments shall recover salary dollars from externally funded sources (grants) based only on the UAMS Institutional Base Salary (IBS), which is the guaranteed salary paid to an employee in 1/12th increments for the 12 months of a fiscal year. UAMS base salary shall not include compensation from the VA.

(2) All University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences investigators who also hold salaried VA appointments must complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) when applying for extramural funding. The submitting department is responsible for maintaining a copy of the current MOU. UAMS follows NIH requirements that the MOU be updated at least annually. Investigators holding "without compensation" (WOC) designations or other arrangements with the VA must work with respective departments and colleges to ensure the arrangement is appropriately disclosed to research sponsors.

(3) A copy of the most recent VA-MOU must be submitted to ORSP at the time of proposal submission and with each non-competing renewal application. ORSP will also request a copy of the most current VA-MOU at the time just-in-time material is requested for grant applications.

(4) An updated MOU should be prepared by January 1st of each year.

(5) If significant changes occur during the calendar year (i.e., changes in VA appointment terms or significant changes in research commitments), then a revised MOU should be prepared at that time.