NUMBER: 4.5.13
DATE: 09/01/00
REVISION:  06/16/2003




The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines within the provisions of Arkansas Code Annotated 6-63-305 under which provisional positions may be requested and approved.  In the event additional federal funds, grants, gifts, or collections become available that were not authorized or contemplated at the time of the passage of the biennial appropriations act; and such new funds make it possible to engage in educational projects that would be of benefit to the State of Arkansas; and that such projects would make it necessary to employ additional personnel, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) may request the establishment of one or more provisional positions.




  1. A department requesting the creation of one or more positions to be funded through a grant, collections or other non-state funding, should contact the Office of Human Resources (OHR) as soon as possible, so that the OHR will have adequate time to secure a provisional position.
  2. Departments requesting a provisional position must submit a Position Authorization Request (PAR) and a completed Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ)1, unless the request is for a Faculty or Licensed Health Care title.  Position Classification Questionnaire forms may be obtained from OHR website at:
  3. Requests for Provisional positions should include:

  4. Upon receipt of the above mentioned documents, the OHR will complete a Provisional Position Request.  This request will then be forwarded to the Office of Personnel Management.
  5. The Office of Personnel Management will notify OHR of provisional approval/disapproval.
  6.  Upon notification of OPM approval, OHR Classification and Compensation will allocate approved positions in SAP and notify the requesting department via e-mail that the request has been approved and the positions have been added to their SAP organizational structure.  The requesting department can then utilize SAP transaction code PPOSE to view the changes.  All provisional positions will be indicated by a letter “P” or PROV following the pay scale group.  For example the pay scale group may reflect “M075 P” or “M075 PROV.”
  7. If the requesting department needs the position, prior to OPM approval, a regular position will be allocated pending approval from OPM.  Upon approval from OPM, OHR will perform a position change and move the incumbent into the OPM approved provisional position. The regular position will be delimited.
  8. OHR will send a copy of the provisional approval to the Budget office for record maintenance.




1 UAMS Policy 4.5.08, Position Qualification Questionnaire (PCQ)