NUMBER: 4.5.07
DATE: 06/19/90



UAMS is authorized a specific number of positions for use each biennium by the Arkansas Legislature. Activities involving position, allocation, transfer, reclassification, or delimit require the approval of the Office of Human Resources (OHR). This request will be made by completing and submitting a Position Authorization Request (PAR) via SAP.


1. Department Directors, Principal Investigators, and/or the appropriate department/division personnel must complete a PAR under the following circumstances and attach the additional forms listed for each. All departmental/divisional level signatures must be secured prior to submitting to OHR Classification and Compensation.

a. Allocate Additional Position: When requesting a new position, attach a completed Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ), unless the position involves Faculty or Licensed Health Care personnel. (For a list of Licensed Health Care personnel exempt from the PCQ process..

b. Reclassify an Existing Position: A reclassification is a change in the assignment of a position from one title to another title when permanent changes in duties and responsibilities of the position being recommended for reclassification have occurred. When requesting a reclassification of an existing position, attach a completed PCQ describing the new duties. If an employee is currently in the position a current resume must also be attached to the PAR. OHR will review the PCQ and make a decision as to the appropriate title. A PCQ is not required for Faculty or Licensed Health Care personnel.

c. Transfer a Position: When requesting a transfer of a position from one sub-department to another within the same department, the department must submit a PAR only.

A department requesting multiple moves from one sub-department to another in a re-organizational effort should contact OHR to discuss the most expedition means for accomplishment.

d. Delimit a Position: When a department requests that a position be removed entirely from its staffing pattern, the department must submit a PAR only. Delimiting is not the same as deleting. A delimited position remains valid during the dates it was in use. A deleted position would erase all history.

2. For positions involving restricted (2xx funds): The department must provide, along with the PAR, a copy of the grant notice and all appropriate budgetary information showing the existence of necessary funds for the position.

3. The PAR must be completed and approved prior to any recruiting or hiring for the proposed position. Do not attach a request to recruit for the new position to the PAR.

4. Upon approval by the approraiate process development by each department or division, the requesting department should submit the PAR to OHR for processing by using the PAR Workflow transaction in SAP

5. The requesting department is responsible for the accuracy of the PAR and PCQ. Improperly completed PAR and documentation maybe returned to the department for completion.

6. Upon approval, OHR Classification and Compensation, will complete the change (allocate, reclass, transfer or delimit) in SAP and notify the requesting department via PAR workflow that the request has been approved and changes made in the SAP organization structure. The requesting department can then utilize SAP transaction code PPOSE to review the changes.

7. If the request has been disapproved, OHR Classification and Compensation will notify
the requesting department via PAR workflow.